Rank 1 in plat? Wtf blizz

I am not talking about changing matchmaking. I am talking about changing the current system that allows you to group with players up to 1000SR above or below you. Changing that would not affect queues at all, as you’d still have the exact same players in the queue, they’d just end up, quite correctly, in different games from each other.

The matchmaker would still be free to match in the way it currently does.

Devs have no idea what the differences really are. 2000 vs 2500 is huge difference. I think SR diff in mid ranks silver-gold-plat should be no more than 200SR

Do we got some sources that matchmaking is completely busted or is Samito just smurfing?

1000 SR is way to much they need to lower it down to 500.

Rank 1 he said :rofl:

Ok, this is going off the rails. It all boils down to the point of people literally having ZERO CLUE about how the MMR system works.
You … do know that the game doesnt have super powers or a crystal ball to know a level 25 account belongs to a T500, right OP?
Please add context and also read this guys:

SR-Limits in Matchmaking are pointless anyway and completely unnecessary.

They do more harm then good.

First of all if you always play against players your rank you just get used to bad habits.

You have to play against better players that punish your bad habits to remove them.

And SR-Limits lead to true smurfing, because well some people want to play with their friends, even if they have wildly different SR, so what will they do to play with them?

Well buy another account and deliberately lose games to stay in the SR-Range where they could play with their friends.

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It worked with Moira. Not a surprise hes doing it yet again sadly :confused:

“Is BASTION OP?! Top 500 vs Plats Unranked to GM Educational”

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-cough- -cough- money -cough- more accounts -cough- more money -cough- -cough-

Oh no, not him :nauseated_face:

Pretty Sure Samito was a streamer highlight in the Mardi Gras event. Blizz won’t take a true stand against smurfing, and why should they? It makes them money.

That post is old. See How Competitive Matchmaking and Rating Works (Season 21) for the recent version.

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Bet you it’s gonna be complaining about how oppressive Mercy is.

In Platinum.

Just like how easy it is to get value out of Moira.

In Platinum.

This dude is a joke :joy::joy:

the playerbase is hemorrhaging heavily so they have to open up who you can play with otherwise you will never find a match


Has anyone actually ever said that? I haven’t heard it.

Did you win?

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The developers never have and probably never will care about the integrity of a competitive mode in this game.

They made that abundantly clear since beta when they refused to explore a solo (or even duo) queue mode and just let people pair up with any team size they want with extremely loose SR restrictions.

I’d actually argue there is very little difference, as it’s so easy to smurf, intentionally derank, and boost friends in this game SR means very little these days. The entire system is broken beyond a point an automated match making system could ever reliably find equal matches.

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Gosh forums i alone know 10 players who play in high diamond, masters and 1 or 2 in gm who regularly smurf in plat/diamond. In some cases they play 50% of their matches with friends in elos way under their real skill. These matches dont feel like plat or diamond, they are way harder and faster. So i guess the opposite team has the same mmr constellation as we have… The only thing you can do is hoping that you are not pooled as filler into these matches. These are the games where you feel totally helpless and overwhelmed. It is a terrible gaming experience.