Random Warnings

Like the title says, I just logged in after a 4 day rest from the game and was greeted with a warning from Competitive play saying that I’ll be perma banned, I’ll admit I have lost connection a few times but rejoin almost right away. Either I got a ban warning for another player or something is pretty f’d up atm. I mean QP is one thing for leaving a lot, but I stay to the end in comp play win or lose.

Blizzard are you SURE you’re punishing the right people? Or just handing out random ones?

You’ve gotten too many leaving penalties. I’d probably take the rest of the season off, go to QP.

Even if you rejoin you still get a leaving penalty. Yeah, I don’t get that either.


Probably to stop people from exploiting the spawn timer.

Or generally to stop people from leaving games.

Also the warning is automatic. So it’s warning the correct person.


Competitive needs a WARNING each time a person Qs in. To be honest. It is EXTREMELY disruptive to leave a competitive match. for this reason…

Competitive does NOT BACKFILL TEAMS.

Here is why.

  • Again, it doesn’t backfill a team.
  • If you leave. The SR the team has, is LOST to YOU and any other leaver. It is essentially a SABOTAGE to a player’s time and makes climbing MORE difficult.
  • If a competitive team is being toxic. Just PLAY the comp they request you to and THEN post-match, you can report them.

The person that LEAVES the match before the game concludes or sits idle during the match. Is the person that IS most heavily penalized on that account.

Many of us would prefer HARDWARE bans to be issued to the repeated offenders that LEAVE competitive games. It would slightly SLOW DOWN the “smurffing” abuse we have to deal with.

That’s the point, this season alone it’s happened only twice. And they were weeks apart… Normally I just get a random spike, it’ll quickly vanish as fast as I get it and then back to playing.

I wonder if those “Server Failed” messages punished me for no reason… The servers have been screwy of late.

I bet you cutoff people while driving, very inconsiderate.

Out of curiosity did you get this warning…

If you did, that is not because of leaving matches (or disconnecting from them. This is a warning stating that your behavior is in violation of the Blizzard In-Game Code-of-Conduct and if you continue this behavior you will be subjected to appropriate silences, suspension, or account bans (based on the severity and frequency of your behavior).

If you did not get that specific dialog, can you share a screenshot of the warning that you are referring to? (Or at least try to describe the text displayed and what colors the graphic is in.)

All disconnections and crashes do count as leaving and will be penalized. It takes as little as 5 leaver violations to trigger a season ban, and getting three season bans in your entire history of playing will result in a permanent ban from the Competitive Play mode. More details about the policy regarding technical issues and penalities policy can be found here:

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If you fail to join a game, it does count as leaving and you’ll get blamed for it. Even if it is a server problem.

That’s what I don’t get, if it’s a server-side error, wouldn’t they be able to know it wasn’t the players fault and be able to implement a system to prevent them from being penalised?

I’m not going to speculate why it works that way, but it does.

I once had a network error that prevented me from joining any server. Every time I got matchmade and failed to connect, it was a leave.

No it wasn’t a player reported message, it was one that suddenly appeared in chat channel, I walked away after starting the game to do something, came back to the PC to see that warning from competitive play warning about leave too many times and a potential ban for no reason.

I also recently started playing competitive again, after not playing since season 18 if I’m right.

Sounds like you got a game when you were away from pc and then you were afk for long enough that the game autokicked you and you got a penalty from it.

Wait, you were in a competitive game and walked away to do something?

No no, lmao, I booted up the game to let it do it’s normal start up and as that happened I walked away to do something.