Random disconnects

Aaaas always. Lost around 150 competitive points only this week due to your poor servers. My Internet is fine, and all my other online softwares and games are working just fine.

Overwatch has been unplayable for me for the past 5 months. Every other game works fine, only overwatch servers. I’ve been told by Blizzard support and my provider that it’s the other’s fault. :confused:

Blizzard always blame my provider. Curious fact is: since I started to play OW, I’ve moved about three times and changed my Internet provider all these three times and I still get continuous disconnects. Three different providers, same disconnects, other games working just fine and always the same response from Blizzard.

Continuing the discussion from Common Technical Issues and Solutions:

Any time you have a connection issue, you also should include a WinMTR (run for 10min) if you are trying to diagnose the issue, or alert the staff of something happening.

If this truly is the case, it might be one of these things:

  • your network card or router having trouble processing the amount of data needed by Overwatch
  • permissions needed by an antivirus program
  • a need for port forwarding on your networking devices