Random Disconnects, Fear of Getting Banned for Disconnecting, No Way to Contact Blizzard Support

I (and others I’ve discovered) have been running into a serious issue where the game will randomly disconnect and the launcher will go offline. This has happened so much, it’s lowered my endorsement level that I had maintained for over 2 months. I was disconnected during a game that we had a chance at winning. The game will also occasionally hijack my controls and cause me to use or not use certain abilities and move in ways i don’t want when it’s about to disconnect me. This has happened so much I’m afraid I could be banned for Gameplay Sabotage soon. What worse is that I have no way of contacting Blizzard support directly, as the Continue option for every way of contact remains faded, even when every query is filled out. I’ve seen so many other PC users complaining about this and I’m astonished Blizzard has done nothing about any of these issues.

I’m not a toxic player. Every other non-toxic player I’ve played with has liked me. My average endorsement level is 4. I’m not a leaver, not a thrower, and I’m afraid the auto-ban system is going to think I am and wrongfully ban me. Something needs to be done.

Edit: So, I was finally allowed to do a Scan and Repair, and it made it worse, just like what happens after every time the game updates, no matter how small. Odd thing is, none of these things ever happen on the PTR. I’ve never been disconnected from the PTR, I’ve never had lag on the PTR, only on the main game. This isn’t as much a problem with packet loss or my wifi connection. This has everything to do with Blizzard. Again, I’m not the only person to complain about this. I’ve seen a bunch of threads similar to this and many people have complained about this in game, different people every time. This is a server issue, not a personal issue.


been having this issue too, happens max once a day but when it does happen it’s always in really annoying situations. It’s especially odd since I know nothing is wrong with my internet.

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Howdy Mysterystar,

We cover our stance on the penalty system and disconnections Here. As for disconnections in game. When you play Overwatch the client has to maintain a constant and stable connection to and from the server. A hicup or unstable wifi, for example, could cause issues without your whole internet going down.

I would recommend troubleshooting with the following steps:

  1. Power Cycle your home network’s modem and router following the steps Here.
  • Once the network and PC are back online flush your DNS cache using the commands Here.
  1. If you are disconnecting only during the PVE event. Check your router options for QoS settings, try making sure this feature is on.

If the issue continues to try to capture the disconnect by running a WinMTR at the start of your game following the steps Here. Feel free to post the results back here.

Thank you

My wi-fi is fine. It’s the server. Sure, my wi-fi is spotty, but it doesn’t randomly drop out and refuse to reconnect like seen here. The disconnect happens at complete random and only in games against other players. I feel like there’s something else going on here.

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Hey Mysterystar,

Our network team monitors player concurrency and if they see a massive number of people disconnect, then that would be something we would investigate. There aren’t any situations like that at the moment though, so it appears that the vast majority of players are able to stay connected.

It’s completely possible that it’s not your computer or WiFi but instead something happening on the route between you and the game servers.

If you want to provide that WinMTR test mentioned above while playing, that may help us pinpoint where this problem is happening.

I’m not exactly sure how to do that. And I’m not sure connections issues cause a complete control hijack. I’ll try to look into it, but I can’t promise anything.

Based on what you described, it sounds like packet loss which can cause the character to move uncontrollably, not use abilities etc. This happens because the data isn’t reaching our servers for some reason or another and since the Blizzard app also disconnects, it seems to be connection related.

I would recommend avoiding live games to avoid penalties until this is resolved. Try testing the game in the training match while running the MTR test.

It’s not really “control hijack”, it’s the server receiving sent instuctions long after your computer has sent them, which is caused by connection issues. In simple terms, your game records your input, where you move, how you turn, which buttons you press and sends them to the server which then processes them and sends back the results of your actions, but if your connection is unstable, some of those inputs can be delayed, or not get sent at all, so the server receives a jumbled mess and what your computer gets back isn’t much more useful.

Depending on how big the lag spikes are, that can range anywhere from your hero moving in directions you pressed seconds ago, turning around long after you’ve tried doing it yourself, to rubberbanding (“teleporting” around), etc.

That’s what your description sounds like anyways, it’s definitely the right place to start.

Couldn’t get the test to work. I was finally able to do a Scan and Repair and it made problems worse. Scan and Repair scans for the same things the WinMTR test does, right? If the repair made the problem worse (like every time I open the game and try to play after any sort of main server update, since these problems never, ever occur on the PTR), there’s a problem with the server.

No, they’re tests for different things:

Scan & Repair is for the files on your computer, and checks for issues with the game’s installation.

WinMTR is for testing your internet connection/packet response time to the servers. If you follow the steps and use the server closest to you, I am confident you can get it working to post here.


If you have further trouble with the WinMTR test, I’d just put in a live chat or phone callback request. It’ll be far easier to walk you through the tests that way. Since you mentioned having trouble contacting us, try making sure you add system files to your ticket and add some information on the problem to the text box while submitting a ticket.

That’s the thing, though. I CAN’T put in a chat request. If you read the entire post, you would know that. My game problems are getting worse and no one is being of any help. I started having the Lijiang Tower glitch again, and worse. This time, it crashed my game. This is my only hope of being able to contact you guys and you’re being of no help. You’re all just telling me the same things over and over again. The WinMTR test doesn’t work, and the instructions say nothing on how to actually use the damn program. Can you actually do something useful?

As I mentioned in my post, you should only have that problem if you are not filling out all of the fields, which is why I told you to fill out the text box and add system files. Specifically, you’ll want to double check the file submission buttons where it asks for your MSInfo/DXDiag. Is there another error causing you to be unable to put in the request?

Like I said in my post, I HAVE filled out all the fields. The Continue button is still grayed out.

Can you get a screenshot of the whole page and post that there so I can see what you’re seeing, and/or try on a different browser with all browser extensions disabled (especially script blockers/ad blockers/etc)? It’s working fine on our end so we’re not sure why you’re not able to submit a ticket with what you’ve described so far. (Unless it’s just a bad browser cache or something like that.)

I have the same issue. I am constantly randomly disconnecting from the server. I don’t have this problem in any other game or any other application that has access to the internet. This problem has started with the last patch and it’s not gone yet. It’s the server that disconnects me and reconnects very quickly afterwards.

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Thing is, I don’t understand most of what the pages ask me to do anyway. I don’t have any files to attach, nor do I know how to get them. Even if I go to a completely different request for support that doesn’t use “Trace Routes” and “DXDiag Files”. Besides, if I’m having connection issues, I shouldn’t have to provide files that no one knows how to provide anyway. Also, I don’t have any other browsers on this computer than Google Chrome, so I can’t try another browser. I’m stuck with what I have. I don’t use adblockers or script blockers either.


Just try submitting the traceroute that you created for us where it asks you to provide your DXDiag/MSinfo files. You could even just provide some images from your PC instead if you’d like. We can help you create the other files live, but the information we need now isn’t something we want you posting on the forums.

The file requests are there to help us speed up getting you a solution, but we can help you create them live instead since you’re having trouble. Right now our priority is having you get in touch with us live so we can help you work through the problems you’re having.

Again, I have no idea how to do that, what any of that means, or what any of that is.


Usually we don’t do this because it slows down the process, but let’s have you create a ticket in the wrong category instead. This’ll prevent us from having to submit any files. It may make the chat slower but again, we need to get in contact with you directly to help, it seems.