Rammatra has lifesteal?!

From the season 5 patchnotes under bug fixes:

was annihilation always intended to have lifesteal like Moira’s secondary fire?!


That’s amazing.

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I think they meant lifesteal as the ability attached to Q, the thing that is sticky. It’s probably the name of that sticky ability.


They’ve only referred to “lifesteal” in the past under Moira and reaper because the damage heals them. Stealing life and all that. And other reference like that are under junkerQueens bleed. Seems like one hell of a typo.

Are you referring to “Ravenous Vortex” ? Because that’s the name of that ability.

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I mean ramatra steals your life when he presses Q, lorewise.

I think they just meant the tethering.

It had lifesteal back when the streamers playtested it (and in the early dev footage) but got removed before it even hit live.

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Oh interesting. Guess we’ll find out tomorrow if they’re bringing back lifesteal or if they just meant something else and wrote it wrong.