Ramattra lifesteal?

In the patch notes for tomorrows season 5 update, under the bugs section it says for Ramattra that an issue was resolved an interaction with Nemesis Form and Annihilation that sometimes the resulted in the ultimate not preforming damage and lifesteal. Now this is news to mean that the ult is supposed to grant Ramattra lifesteal, when even everywhere else especially the video they released about Ramattra’s Gameplay Overview only stated that it does damage, no where did they say anything about lifesteal. If this does get put into the game I believe were just gonna have another junkerqueen situation where Ramattra just absolutely won’t die especially pairing the block with the lifesteal. [patch notes] (Overwatch 2 Retail Patch Notes - June 13, 2023) [Ramattra gameplay overview] (Overwatch 2: Ramattra’s Gameplay Overview | Dev Update - YouTube)



What the hell? Did they just shadow buff rammatra?


as if the ult wasnt already good


Nice. His ult form is the best time to punish him. Now it’s easier.

Ngl I saw this too and also thought I was going crazy and mustve just forgotten or something, but now that you bring it up, along with a quick wiki check, i dont see a reference to any lifesteal either…


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I really hope this is a “tempo tank” situation and they don’t understand what words mean. And that they just really mean a DOT effect.


Originally the ultimate was apparently tuned to do life-steal damage, and then have damage-resistance before it was brought to its current form.

As far as things are concerned, Annihilation does not life steal nor does it offer damage resistance (but will replenish armor if activated in Nemesis form when armor has been depleted).

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if moira and reaper can’t disappear anymore bcs of a consistency issue and! Since it’s not a +40 sec anymore, a bit of life steal is kind of consistent being ramattra the opposite charge of the iris that zenyatta provides :')


Pretty sure this is the case, just poorly communicated.