Quick question about the new patch notes

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – January 30, 2019:

Does this mean Symmetra, Zarya, and Zenyatta all lose actual hp before shield hp?

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The order in relation to the health bar is right to left.

For example, let’s say Brigitte has rallied them and Lucio has used sound barrier. The order goes:

White HP, Shields, Rally, Sound Barrier

Hope this clear it up for you.


shh that’s left to right!

No, it’s definitely right to left.

So by recoverable health they mean health that can be healed? I thought that meant health/shields that auto heals (mercy, symm, etc)

well in the patchnotes it is, in your post it’s not

Recoverable health is any health that any character has.
Recoverable Armour belongs to Reinhardt, D.Va, Winston, Wrecking Ball and Brigitte.
Recoverable shields belong to Symmetra, Zarya and Zenyatta
Non-Recoverable health does not yet exist in game.
Non-Recoverable armour is granted by Repair Pack and Rally.
Non-Recoverable shields are granted by Sound Barrier, The best offense… and Adaptive Shield.


Ahh that makes a lot more sense, thank you

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Seriously, Blizzard chose the worst possible way to word that patchnote…


Oh, sorry.

I was explaining it the right way around. I guess it could be a bit confusing which ones I was referring to.

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Keyword is Non Recoverable - which means temporary.
Such as Lucio shield and Brigette Armor

yeaa they should’ve said temporary

Temporary specifically doesn’t work since Winstons Ultimate is temporary but recoverable.

Which is why they said Non recoverable.

The order will be;
First, overshields. Such as sound barrier and Doom’s passive. (Dark blue part)

Second, armor that can not be recovered. Basically just Torb’s overload and Brigitte’s rally/armor pack.

Third, Non recoverable health. This doesn’t exist yet.
But this would be a portion of overhealing if it existed.

Fourth, recoverable shields. (The light blue part)

Fifth, armor that exists in a hero’s base health pool. So can be healed.
This includes tanks, Bastion and Brigitte.

Sixth and final part, the recoverable health. The white part of your hero’s base health pool. If this reaches 0, your hero dies.

I hope that cleared things up a little.

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