Queue problems - long wait times


Last queue we waited about 14:30 for a match, 6 player group. seems a little high.
Any achievement for 10min + wait times?

…thank god we won


Your Competitive Rank is currently around 700-800 Bronze. Unfortunately, that range accounts for a fraction of 1% of the entire player pool. One of the current rules of Competitive Play is to try and pair up groups of the equal number together as much as possible, or pair a group against smaller grouped opponents of higher SR. In extreme cases the matchmaker can even cancel your search queue if it cannot find a fair pairing for you. As such this is not a bug or a technical malfunction.

Personally, I feel for your situation and I am very happy to see that you and your friends are grouping up to try and work together as a team. I am not a fan of “Group Priority Matchmaking” and even have an entire topic written about it in the Competitive Discussion forum. I still recommend trying to group up despite this disadvantage. Cheers.


our group rating is alot higher than that. since you are officially speaking for Blizzard perhaps you can officially respond to the server status on their behalf


I am a forum MVP but let it be known that no MVP ever speaks as an official representative of Blizzard. We are simply considered trusted sources of information. I do not have direct access to check the current server status of Battle.net, but even then, that has nothing to do with your specific problem. Even if your group average rating is higher, it’s not likely to be more than about 1200 and that still deals with a small player pool.

I apologize if this is not the information you were looking for, but it is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.


I just find it hard to believe that a 5 player group is that hard to find in the how peeps play 10? 1000? 10 000? 1000000?
even 1% of 1M is 10K and not able to find 5. I’m fairly certain more than 1M play


I would actually say your pool is more like 500 to 1000 as an educated guess. It is unknown to the public how many active players still currently playing Overwatch and how many are online at any given time.


I’ll trust your judgement on that


Thanks for at least hearing me out. Now as I said, I personally feel for you and I personally believe that players of any group size should be able to find a fair match regardless if you are paired 6-stack to 6-stack or if it is 6-stack to 6 solo queues. My link above to my topic explains more, and I encourage you to post your own feedback in the general discussion forum and the competitive discussion forum. Developers track feedback in those forums (though they don’t always respond) and it really helps them decide the best course of action for developing the competitive experience for all of us.


Even non MVP members go to bug and technical support forums to post issues or help people when they can.
As an example, I see lots of posts from people who didn’t understand how the loot boxes drops works, even if we got this information long time ago.
So, no reason to leave someone waiting for a Blizzard response if the answer is known.

As for your issue, keep in mind the time of day will affect how much you wait because of how few players will be online.