Questionable new patch?!?!

Can someone please explain to me why these ridiculous changes went through? Like wtf. The only ones that were needed was bap and they took out the best one making his ult actually useful. I Guarantee they’re gonna make all these stupid non changes to make the legacy characters week and make the new shiny OW2 ones op. Like wtf are the health changes for? :joy: so stupid.

It’s going through, but they wanna polish the ultimate visually.

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There trying to fix the visual issue with it. It’s coming to the game next patch.

Instead of buffing/nerfing heroes with 50 HP there buffing them by 25 or subtracting to see if they need 25 more armor/health or -25 more health.


Only Bap?
Ok you don’t even play Brig, Symm or Mei.
Even Cree…


Where did you get this information from?


Gotcha, thanks for showing me that. I was hoping it would go through.

Oh thank god, got worried when I didnt see it in the patch notes but glad to hear it is still on its way

WAIT WAIT WAIT. So you’re saying the Baptiste widened amplification matrix WILL go through in the later future? I got on the game to check if the matrix change went through, went to the practice range instead of patch notes to add a bit of suspense, played the eichenwalde/story so far theme while charging my ultimate as Baptiste, closed my eyes, hit Q and clicked once the epic part of the song comes up, smiled , opened my eyes…

And the smile was wiped away.

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