Question regarding If I see you move, you die

Been playing this custom game a lot ( code MKRYK )

Is an issue relating to heroes like Sombra being able to be perma invis and translocate when she shouldn’t ( and other things like Ana’s sleep on a hit being 40 secs or only a max of 2 Ana’s and 3 Mercys ) be down to the host when they created the lobby despite it using these rules or something else?

Been game hopping trying to find the proper game but keep running into ones where Sombra can just pile drive to the end unhindered.

No that’s down to “Workshop Settings” which are made available by the game mode creator.
Changing those settings doesn’t disconnect it from the Preset code allowing you to see different variations of the same game mode.

You might need to scroll down all the way in the Lobby setting changes to see if the Hero limits / Position reveal are non default values.

Changing them as Host is currently quite annoying as you can’t use the orange workshop settings menu anymore…