Question about abilities and damage

is it possible to check if a certain ability did damage, the “player dealt damage” is flawed since it checks for all damage as long as conditions are met, I’m trying to check if doomfist rocket punch did damage but you can easily place it as true if you have pre-fired before using secondary fire (rocket punch).

add a condition for “Event Ability == Button of Ability your Detecting”, with a second condition checking the hero so it doesn’t trigger on the wrong ability

in your case you would have the conditions of

  • “Hero of(Attacker) == Hero(Doomfist)”
  • “Event Ability == Button(Secondary Fire)”

(this also works for healing abilities just swap out ‘Attacker’ for ‘Healer’ & change the trigger to 'on Healing Received/Dealt)

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Can’t thank you enough bud

spiderman’s response is true
but also thanks to “workshop :coffee:” some abilities can’t be detected.

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