QP Leaver, BLIZZ, it´s time for penalties

First of all, I am ok with role que. The games are all together better balanced now. Even though I have to wait 5-10 minutes for an invite when I want to play DPS. But this waiting becomes ridiculous when some people are leaving a lost game in the last second and you just join in there…
Blizz, it´s time to give penalties for such behavior. Of course the question is, how to implement such penalties. There must be a way not to punish disconnects or something else. But that realy makes me mad and it just destroys the game experience. Maybe a cooldown for a new invite within 10 seconds or an Invite stop within the last 20 seconds of a game would be a good beginning as well. But it realy sucks when you wait 10 mins an join into a game, just to see the DEFEAT screen…

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You should have went genji

It’s just quickplay dude. I don’t think anybody’s meaning to cause harm by leaving after a game is over. They’re just done playing. Just play experimental or something, get on your phone during waiting, play deathmatches, I don’t know man. There’s a lot of different way to solve this problem that isn’t just ‘punish people for being done playing the game’

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They’re implementing a queue-jumping reward for people who backfill, so if you backfill into a crappy or finished game you’ll effectively get compensation. At least, that’s my understanding, I haven’t tried it on the PTR. So there’s no reason to punish leavers in QP.

Who cares about EXP, Credits or Lootboxes? To wait 10mins, Join for a defeat Screen, queu again and maybe get the same? That´s no gaming experience in this case…

They’re putting in a reward for backfilling that lets you get to your next game faster. So if you backfill into the defeat screen, you’ll get to jump the queue a bit for your next game.

I think the carrot’s better than the stick here. Don’t punish people for leaving QP, reward them for staying.

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That’s great for DPS people. Other roles no ones gonna care. I’d personally just add in a option in social. Auto disconnect match when ending screen plays. Reque in the same game mode.

Is that allready announced? Missed that one if.

It’s weird that no-one’s talking about it. When the patch notes went up everyone discussed the Workshop stuff without mentioning Priority Requeue at all. :confused:

Here’s a link to the patch notes to prove I didn’t just dream the whole thing:

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Thanks bro, that´s a good one. Looking forward till that patch goes live :smiley:

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