〽 QoL change for Sombra and her teammates

So, if Bob is get hacked he got a violet skull above his head, showing that his is disabled and how much time is left untill his activation. Turetts, first aid kits, Bob, all they get skull when disabled. This is a good way to show hacked oponent and how much time is left.

Why we cant got this effect to players??? Because of ult indicator or what? Sombra players have been asking for it since hers release. This dull red blinks, spinning around hacked oponents are very controversial way to show they are actually hacked. After emp (bright violet impulse of light) its pretty hard to see who was affected by it. Epecialli for guys who cant see red. Skull is the best way.


So the skull should be visible for both teams?

Would it clutter the game?
How much stronger would it make her?


Either that, or buff her gun.

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Her abilities right now are telegraphed through audio and visual cues to the enemy team better than they are her own. I think that’s kinda ridiculous; especially for a hero that relies so heavily on that, and the delays and confusion/shouting over thaat can occur in VC.


“Stealth” hero.

This scull will be visible for both teams. Allies will see it as violet, oponents as red. How 6 secs indicator clutter games?
I wander how it will make her stronger?


Would make her horrible to play against.

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People will be able to see who is hacked, and for how long.
Currently they can’t unless she tells them.

This will give people more incentive to attack, and makes these attacks more successful.

It doesn’t make her potential strength stronger, it just brings up her ‘strength floor’ I guess; and that, looking from her stats is a very big issue.

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The enimes have team too, they can deffend hacked allies. But likely you only see what you want to see - overbuffed ivis troll, right?
This thing might help her to be more closed to team, epecially on low ranks.

Have no idea what you mean by that.

Yes? And wouldn’t that make her stronger?

Hm, i watched some top Sombra players… All of them working pretty close to their allies. I thinkn this is the most effective way to play om her, no?

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Yes, it is.
But it isn’t how most people currently play her.

If people start playing her in the most effective way. Won’t that make her stronger?

Play another way and make hero stronger coz new visuall effect pretty not the same.
Even if skull would added, guys who played in baclines will play the same i guess, and therefore, there will be no effort from skull for bacline style.

Is that not needed? I mean, she does have the lowest win rates in the game pretty much across the board, and barely sees use below GM.

It’s not going to make GM/Pro players better, because they already have top of the line comms. So no, it won’t technically make her stronger.

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Always thought a simple fix would be:

  • Make hacked targets have a purple skull above them if they do not have thier respective ult available. If they do the ult icon should be enough.

  • Make the ult insignia cleaner. It looks kind of low resolution compared to the rest of the game (could just be me nit picking though).

  • Change the I’ve been hacked voicelines to something more uniform akin to nano boost and its “I’m unstoppable”. While I love the flare that different heros give on that I think it would make it easier to discern who is hacked in the heat of battle.


When i created this thread the mind “Play Sombra more effective” was my cornerstone. I want team play more close with Sombra, also i want Sombra paying more close to team. This scull solves 2 problems:

  1. Team will be aware who is hacked. I ranks below gm ppl can play even without voice chat, and cant hear Sombra player say “Somebody hacked”.
  2. Сonsequence of the first statement, it will put sombra closer to her allies, therefore will more successeful for entire team.

Have not said anything about it not being needed.
Just asked about how much stronger it would make her.

The last thing you want, is for her to get so much stronger that they nerf something else. (longer cooldowns on hack, less duration on hack, longer time to hack, less damage, etc)

I doubt it would make her that much stronger. Even in GM, she has poor win rates, and below mid-table pick rates. Again, those are players who already effectively have this through good comms.

It would just raise her floor really, to bring slightly better communication of her abilities to lower levels - they’ll still be very much imperfect, and not compare to the highest levels of play and how they do things.


I have little doubt.

It would make her stronger in a QP and uncoordinated environment- and have little impact on her capacity in a coordinated one.

Im all for this idea.

I feel this is one of those things that needlessly holds sombra back.

Many pros feel she may be too powerful

Many casuals feel shes not.

The capacity to get your team to capitalize on hack is a HUGE discrepancy in why these two trains of thought exist.

Normalize it- and adjust her from there. This is a piece of vital information thst should be more readily apparent- and shell always be difficult to balance with such a major difference.