Q'ing for Comp. Get kicked before I even get into match

I queued for comp, I got the “Game Found!” notification, and it instantly kicked me to the login screen and says “Client requested Disconnect” and showed Login boxes which requested an Email and Password to be entered. I logged back in, and I lost 50SR and got banned from comp. I don’t even know what map it was because I didn’t even get that far before it kicked me and took my SR. No option to rejoin game, no explanation, nothing. I just played two games of QP prior, and it was fine. I’ve now lost 50SR for something through no fault of my own, and can’t even instantly queue again to try to make it back.

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All disconnections does count as leaving and will be penalized appropriately details on this policy can be found here:

If you find you are disconnecting frequently, please avoid Competitive Play as penalties cannot be reversed. Consider looking at these starting troubleshooting steps to check for any issues that might be corrected on your end to prevent future disconnections:

I understand the reason behind the leaver penalties. What I don’t understand is why I get put into a game, don’t even load into the game and through no connection issue of my own I get penalized for a disconnect that was a server error. The “game” I was supposedly put into wasn’t even listed in my replays. I wasn’t given the opportunity to rejoin either. It’s very frustrating, because this “match” I was assigned to seems to have never existed in the first place. I didn’t even see a loading screen to load into this match that I was put into.

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