Q: SyMercy (Why isn't run more often) [Career High 2789]

Why dont we more often see the Swiss-Indian pair ?

  • Symmetra can 195 dps @ lv 3 according to the clarification one of the devs
    mentioned over at the PTR feedback forum.
  • Mercy can dmg boost for 30% {only one with the new zen nerf on ptr}

195 x 1.3 =253.5 Damage per Sec!

Mathematically this means

  1. That a 250 hp hero will die w/in _____ 0.99 sec
  2. A 200 hp hero will die w/in ____ 0.789 sec

Yes, I do know that it takes time to ramp up to level 3, but if she is pocketed until she gets going especially now that PTR sym only takes `1.33 secs` to get to Lv 3. She can be scary.

Why is it that shes’ only run in silver elo and wrecks!!! {yess, i play with a friend who is in silver} without a mercy tether.

Mercy is dead or Sym is dead? thats the real question
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Why would anyone ever do this when you could just discord a target as Zenyatta and watch turrets melt them?

Zenny got slightly nerfed if you arent Jjonak my boy

Zenyatta’s nerf changes Sym turrets from doing 65 damage under discord to 62.5 DAMAGE under discord. TRULY, THIS MAKES THE COMBO 0% VIABLE.

This only works if the Sym player can get within range, get charged up, maintain high accuracy, and do all of this while taking little enough damage that the Mercy can afford to use DB over healing on the Sym


Because sym has no suriviability

Because at any rank where people can aim with burst damage heroes she dies.

Channel heroes need sustain to compete against burst damage heroes.

Symmetra lacks that sustain. Far better supporting a burst damage hero.

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because Silvers can’t aim well enough to hit a Sym’s toothpick like hitbox and don’t have the gamesense to not let her get to a billion charge off a Rein/Orisa shield (knowing Silvers, they will probably use both at the same time)

It was reasonably common on ladder before Sym’s last rework (I feel like it was much more common with Mercy 1.0 as well) since Mercy could actually solo heal okay-ishly in that situation and Symmetra actually had sustain then.

The synergy is decidedly weaker now though and they’d probably generally get better value out of other hero combos.

nonononono before this goes any further, the new dev made a typo and it is still 60 120 180

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Oh i didnt catch that, wow… Just give her the typo Goodman

was her dmg like that before , or how did he come up with that typo? {devs talk about dmg buff, but backed off} ?

No, it is 195 DPS.
They made a typo when they wrote 180 of maximum damage.

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Just read the dev’s own post, I won’t argue about something so simple.

I can quote this all day long mate.


hecking heck im actually dumb

I read it as the opposite

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No don’t say such things!
It happens to all of us :slight_smile:

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Hmm last time I checked she did 60/120/180 dmg not 65/130/195. Symercy used to be viable bz sym not having to aim gave her consistent dmg and gave her survivability since she can move unpredictably and she had photon barrier to chase safely also shield generator.

Now she has no barrier ability and she has to aim and having less than 75% tracking means u r doing less dmg than the old sym. I don’t think anyone can consistently have 75% accuracy ofc not to mention ramping up takes longer now yes it was 3 sec and now it is 3.2 sec but that’s assuming u have 100% tracking. So ya sym now is just Secondary fire spammer and throwing 3 turrets on the ground and teleporting them behind the enemy team and hoping that none of the enemy team pays attention to u throughout the game which can work up to silver maybe.

To be fair she melts tanks much easier with her tracking beam than the old one.
It’s also fairly easy to charge on shields although she does need some support.

It doesn’t take 3.2 seconds to charge her primary fire. I can’t give you any number and I can’t remember correctly but I believe they buffed it by 20% twice which would be 40%, which in turn is 1.8 seconds to achieve full charge.

The loss of her personnal barrier on E is really bad but I think her primary fire will work perfectly with this additionnal 20% buff.

Edit: And it is 65/130/195. I won’t quote the dev again, but I’m pretty sure they know the values that are in this game, especially if he corrected their own words.

Edit2: Turret bombing doesn’t only work until silver ranks. In a teamfight, it’s a very fast and sneaky move which just explodes any squishie in less than a second. Add a secondary fire shot and you got yourself an easy pick or two.

But what about chokes ? or hiding behind rein shield? RIEN is super meta and usually its rien v rien for earthshatter. Eat that shield up, if they push up on rien, have cheeky sym turrets?

Im not trying to promote how to play sym, all im wondering is if she is solo pocketed until lv 3… she can melt players (but why doesnt it happen)

Pretty sure the ramp up used to be 2 sec for each lvl after the rework and they buffed if by 20% which made it 1.6 sec per lvl. I saw that there is another 20% buff in this ptr but I don’t see it in the patch notes.

She can melt brainless tanks except wrecking ball. She is pretty bad as Dps atm imo. Her tp won’t be used by ur team unless u r all coordinated and this happens 1% of the time with randoms so ur only option is to play with 5 friends and the sad thing is her rework revolved around her tp. That’s what the devs were hyping the most about her. Sym can tp ur whole team out of grav! Yea right by the time the tp finishes the deployment animation ur team has already been eliminated. She is just too slow for the game. Needs time to ramp up. Needs time to deploy turrets and tp.

U can’t ramp easily on a moving target and it will take time to reach lvl 3. By that time u r either dead or the person u r fighting used his escaping abilities. U have no survivability and mercy heal is also nerfed. Ramping up on shields means u r doing no real dmg and if it is orisa shield it will get redeployed again and again and rein will just back out to recharge his shield. Trust me it is very hard to make sym primary fire work now. U r better off spamming orbd and tping turrets.

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