PvE Missions Not Working On Xbox?

I have no idea if this is a personal issue with my game or something but whenever I try to queue and play the PvE missions, my game begins to search for a team but then instantly freezes up and won’t let me play no matter what I do. I thought maybe I just wasn’t waiting long enough, but after 25 minutes of waiting multiple times and not being able to leave or even pull up the menu I knew something was wrong. I literally can’t even exit the “queue” unless I shut down Overwatch entirely. It’s weird, it worked a few days ago but after like 5 minutes of gameplay it glitched for a few seconds and then booted me. I don’t think this is an internet issue because I play the normal game (quick play, arcade, comp) quite often and have never had any issues like this. It just sucks bc I spent $15 on it and it’s not working. Again, if it’s just my issue then it’s not a big deal but I was just wondering if anyone else was having this problem. Thank you <3

For what it’s worth (if anything), I primarily play Overwatch 2 on the Microsoft Xbox Series X platform. And, I also purchased the Invasion Bundle (including the PvE Missions)…

I have not (at least, not yet) experienced the issue you’ve described. But, my general suggestion would be to follow the steps in the Troubleshoot Game Issues on Xbox guide, to help eliminate possible causes:

  • https://support.xbox.com/en-US/help/games-apps/troubleshooting/game-issues-solution

Blizzard’s Xbox-specific topic appears to go through some of the same steps:

And, if you have a NETGEAR brand router, there is also an older post that’s been referenced recently about PvE Event Disconnections with NETGEAR routers:

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