Pure Support Main looking for a duo

Hi, I am looking for a duo partner for a long-term friendship/close relationship of two best friends playing together building a friendship and trusting each other and spending daily time together.

What kind of person I am :

Generally, I am a full support main who wants to play with somebody who is a pure DPS primary mirror like me but on DPS, I Never touched support tank assassin in games. Looking for other games, not just overwatch and building something that we can do daily to respect each other. I am a very patient person and love to show my duo partners that I care about them and make them happy. I normally never talk in chats because I focus on my duo partner like 100% of the time.

What I’m looking for :

  1. End of the day it doesn’t matter to me if you are the highest rank or the lowest rank or unranked, I care about the heart of the person who will be playing with me not what they can do.
  2. Somebody 18+
  3. English Speakers (Non-broken/Other languages)
  4. Somebody who wants to show how much they care for their duo partner and get it back.
  5. Non toxic/Flamming behaviour (Since I was always non toxic my self)
  6. Somebody who has a similar personality to xayah from league of legends.

Thanks for reading about me if you are interested please message me here with your discord name ill add you and we can start to get to know eachother.


whatever,trying my shot(:

Discord: 𝕮͟𝖑͟𝖔͟𝖚͟𝖉͟#7777
tag Cloud#18732

Hi there,
great post, I really liked the bulletpoints explaining your aspects and the text overall was easy to comprehend.
I am a main support player myself, doing solo queues and embracing the luck of the MM system.
However, if you believe that a DUO support would work for you, I’m down for it!
We could try a few games and well, see how it goes.
Here’s my battletag: Giorgio#1384


add me if u still looking Century#3946

discord: ImSCOTT#9999

Im main tank/support player but can play a few dps to an ok level. I’ve been playing overwatch since 2016 so I’ve a good understanding of the game. haven’t touched ranked at all in ow2 with all the issues tho.

add me if still looking on discord - Paulronkel#1350