Punished for good performance ( atleast on my side)

I just played a ranked game on Volskaya Industries in the DPS role.
Mid game Overwatch decides to kick me and it took me a while to get back online, ( Internet was fine, everything worked, except Battle.net launcher)
So i started the game and logged in that way, without the launcher.

Now i come back to the game, get right into it and win the match while contributing ALOT .
BUT and here is a HUGE BUT!!
I lose 50 SR, ( didnt gain any for the win) and i am suspended for 1 hour.
I mean WTF the game disconnected me and i come back and win, so no harm done and i still get punished???
Please give me back the 75 SR i deserve (50 for the DC and 25 for the win)
and maybe fix this system?!

If the game server goes down, the match won’t exist or be there for you to rejoin. Being gone for a while does forfeit your SR and can cause penalties. That’s their rules. They’re posted at the top of this forum if you’d like more clarification:

There are rules, i get it.
But with that system in place they really punish anyone that actually cares and wants to win.
I mean next time ill just not come back at all, cos why would i? There is nothing in it for me.
In my case i “carried” my team to victory and normally that gets rewarded by SR gain.
I get that leavers are unwanted and disruptive to the game but with an outcome like i had, nobody was unhappy. (except maybe the opposing team because they lost)

So why not have it, that when you return and win you get rated like nothing happened?
Its like beeing penalized for something you didnt do.

It’s understandable that everyone feels different about the policy. Suggestions for improving it are welcome in #competitive-discussion, since the developers don’t monitor the troubleshooting forum.