Punish for nothing(reboot game)

Nice of course the game wants to punish for nothi. I just reboot game, because i have fps drop and when I restart the gaem, FPS it becomes stable. And how do I play, if the game wants to punish me for it?

You logged into the game and jumped right to Comp (as QP won’t get you punishment for leaving the games unfortunately).
If you know the low FPS because of some issue during initialization (and you know because you know it becomes stable when you restart the game), then yes it was your fault for jumping directly into comp and leaving the match.
You even have that big warning saying you would be punished by it and you still did.

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That’s actually not true. You, UNFORTUNATELY do get punished for leaving QP matches(though it’s XP and no one cares anymore about it).
Which is basically absurd, because what should you do? Stay in a match with Widow, Hanzo, Mcree, Doomfist and Sombra in CP defence? Beg them to switch and get 5 reports because you’re “abusing” them? Best bet is just leave. Or you could wait to see what enemies have. Most likely, they’ll have 2-3 tanks and 2-3 healers(because all the trolls are on your side) …

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Even on this kind of troll team I just try to get the best out of it: Pick something else that won’t help the comp but that I also want to practice with. It’s not good as going in DM or with a proper team, but better than nothing.
I play QP mostly and I’ve noticed that if the team doesn’t try a decent comp and I don’t either, eventually one of them decides to change, so then if it’s still winnable I change accordingly. Won’t necessarily take us to victory of course, but basically “if they don’t care I don’t care either” and as soon as someone says “we need a healer” I just say “become one then” lol

And then they report you for abuse :wink:

Everybody actually does that … only it gets boring eventually.

between rounds rebooted and it takes 15-20 seconds