Public profiles in competitive please


More paragraphs and still avoiding answering a very direct question. Slyther showed you exactly where it states that playing poorly or not swapping does not count as gameplay sabotage. It’s in writing. You’re giving us no sources that it does count as gameplay sabotage and you still haven’t asnwered how somebody not willing to switch, to the point that you resorted to reporting them will somehow become a better teammate and swap if you see their profile.


Really which answer didnt I give?
The one where I said

Or the one where I said:

Or maybe you missed this one:


Where is your source?
I quoted the dude above and cant be arsed to look for you cause you unwilling to use head. I’m tired of repeating myself as well.

Somehow none of you private profile kids can even respond to me and others asking if you are every filling for team? They and I can prove we do fill and cooperate easily…
Or maybe someone respond to my 20th time asking this:

My and others point seems to stand at the end of the day what does private in comp do. Hinders organisation. Makes it harder to identify potential problems and solutions. Helps players to hide unwanted behavior such as cheating, boosting and throwing. Cool feature I have to say.


As Aerocrypt once said, private profiles are the third best thing ever added to the game, right after heroes and maps


You sure about that?

Because I literally just posted the game’s definition of Gameplay Sabotage, and it specifically does not fall into that.

Unless you somehow thing being uncoopertive counts as hacking or abusive chat, I suppose.

End of the day, what I want and what I’m getting aren’t always the same thing.

All I can control is how I react to it. Do I try to get rid of literally everyone who doesn’t live up to my personal, arbitrary standards? Or do I take the mature route and make do with what I have, and let others enjoy the game as they will. If they don’t do what I personally want… oh well? Not like I own the game as a whole, only my own copy, just like them.

You’re… You’re kidding right?

I went into the game and screenshoted it myself. Here it is again in case you missed it.

If you doubt me, go ahead and read what you’re agreeing to next time you submit such a report. I promise you the exact same text will show up.


Scott said:

Note that playing a non-meta Hero does not mean someone is taking part in Gameplay Sabotage. Players who are trying hard to help their team to win should not be reported, regardless of the hero they choose.

The other change we’re making to the player reporting categories is removing the “Poor Teamwork” category.

The report system in game literally says:

Gameplay sabotage is:

Actively harassing or disrupting your own team through the use of game mechanics or player actions. This includes playing a symmetrra teleporter exit at a cliff edge, or intentionally allowing yourself to be eliminated by the enemy team (I.E. feeding).

Gameplay sabotage is not:

Simply making a mistake, playing poorly, or an unwillingness to switch heroes.

Jeff said:

Let’s be clear here and not confuse policy:

One Tricking is not bannable and should not be reported (it even says so in the text)

Throwing is bannable and should be reported. We appreciate your help here.

False reporting is bannable. Don’t misuse the report system.

Jeff also said:

All in all, the game lets you pick whoever you want. It’s not up to your teammates who you should play. I do think it’s respectful to people to be willing to gel with the team composition, but you can’t ban somebody – it’s not a bannable offence – for just playing one hero, as long as you’re trying your best to win with that hero.

I think the game gets in a very dangerous state when we tell you who you’re allowed to play and not play with the game functioning like it does right now. The allure and the fantasy of Overwatch is there are these 26 heroes, and you can log in at any moment and be one of them. We should be trying to keep them all viable, and all decent picks within a team composition. I mean, sometimes you’re gonna be countered, but we can’t leave it at other players’ discretion to decide what you should be doing.

So where is your source for saying people should be reported for refusing to switch when you tell them to?


Besides the last paragraph that I admit I missed cuz it was buried under the sym paragraphs, none counts as an answer. But keeping the last one in mind

Why? We are in a situation where playing one of your mains can secure us a victory and yet you are waiting for somebody else to swap… Is it cuz you really love playing 76 and want to play 76 and are willing to let somebody less experience or good with Zarya than you swap to her so you can play 76? Congrats you have just discovered the secret of gaming, we play whatever gives us more fun.

Again correct, it’s cuz I specifically addressed you and used your own profile to force you to play what I want you to play, not what you want to play.

So you are not willing to swap for a win despite me asking just as nicely but to the entire team that rein needs help but you will swap if I point to you specifically? Does that sound normal to you that you wont swap and will wait for either sym or McCree to swap to zarya unless I put you on the spot and point at you specifically to swap? Sounds like you just want to play dps with all your heart and wont switch unless I guilt you into it. That’s not a healthy interaction.


Sorry, just noticed this.

Yes, I do fill.

In fact, flexing is precisely why I put my profile to private in the past.

Before, literally everyone would look at my profile, see my hours on Mercy, and just assume “oh they’re a one trick, let them play her or else we’ll lose”. Then they pick around the assumption I still want to play her, which in turn forces me to play her as I try to flex for the team, which puts an even higher percentage of my time onto her, perpetuating the issue even further.

Once I hide my profile, however? My time on tanks and even some DPS skyrockets as people suddenly take me seriously when I say “I can fill”.

Public profiles promote assumptions, and believe it or not, you’re not always correct when making such assumptions.


we can set it to public, private and group, we need one more setting…



I play all supports besides zen and all off tanks + Orisa. I am a flex player and only dps with Sym and Mei on maps that I know they can hard carry in. Happy? I used to have my profile open until all the changes and nerfs to Mercy and D.Va made me hate playing them but people like you were policing me cuz I didn’t have enough time on Ana and Zarya.

It doesn’t because we are giving you literal game rules and quotes from developers and admins repeating the rules that clearly state that playing poorly is not basis for a report and hero selection is 100% up to the individual. All you are replying with is “I think it should be like this”. We know what your opinion is, and it’s an opinion not a rule.


True. Don’t get why they didn’t just do that when they added the group option.


Cool again talking around giving a answer.

It says it right there in the screenshot though just as the other dude above quoted uwu…
“Gameplay sabotage is:
Actively harassing or disrupting your team through the use of game mechanics or player actions…”

So you say that “deliberately playing a hero at which you are inferior, you are hindering your team’s chances of winning”. And refusing to cooperate with the wishes of all 5 others is not disruptive gameplay??? REALLY???

I dunno but this makes me suspect somehow you might be such a disruptive gamer?


I find it hilarious that you accuse me of this when both myself and multiple others have literally done the research for you and posted our findings, all of which say that hero choice is not reportable, and all of which is conveniently ignored by you as you try your damndest to hold onto the one “point” you still believe you have, however wrong it really is.

Your teammate is not harrassing you by picking Sym.

The rule is talking about things like walling your team off in spawn with Mei. That is genuinely disrupting gameplay. Not simply picking a hero you don’t personally like.

I don’t know how much of a flake you need to be to feel genuinely insulted by what your teammate picks.


Yes BECAUSE that is exactly what the actual rule about reporting for gameplay sabotage states, that is exactly what Jeff and several devs said. How many times are we going to have to put this here.


I’m not a computer programmer, but I think it was MUCH easier to program it for groups.


Blizzard agrees with us though:

I’m excited what you are gonna say next. How you gonna turn the code of conduct to throwing is ok?

Maybe read on what griefing, throwing and feeding is. Then ask general options. The come back here and just try and tell me how dauck you actually think that if you play heroes you do not know how to play and are making your team lose, or forcing them to all play around only you to even stand a chance is not violating this code???


there is an argument I heard from a Pharah main once, “I want to surprise them so they don’t pick a hitscan.”

while a very weak argument, it does hold some weight.

add the option to “show team only” and then there would be no excuse


All hail to blizzard!
remove private profiles would only better the game.

so ppl violating this especially in my comp games have a harder time getting away and get banned quickly


We have. And it’s not


read past 10 comms
best roast I have seen on here.

hilarious how hard ppl try to justify picking symm attack everywhere
just ban this ppl

I guarantee they will make some cheap excuse though kappa