PTR Bug where the game would stop loading after a certain point persists in Live


This ain’t it, there are also people with mid-to-high end PCs having this problem.


And I need to see those DxDiag files from those systems then. Until then, this is the only thing I am seeing out of multiple DxDiag files reported.


I got this as a reply from someone on my Reddit thread, so I can’t really ask them for a DxDiag…? But they did say that they’re having this problem on a core i7 4790k and GTX 970… which is definetely not low-end.


Tell them to post here if you can, remember Blizzard is checking these forums as much as I am.


apparently not though, 130 replies, 2k views aaaand nothing


BRAVO blizzard(i’m french lul) i thought you fix this bug but NO you did not pay attention to us thank you devs you are the BEST


‘‘Why do you have to go mad, it’s only a game’’ dont vine devs, they tryhard u know


man… you didn’t really use good wording there “its only game IM MAD CAUSE I CANT PLAY IT”


It was Zarya’s phrase,ok? And your aggressive unnecessary, be positive :cowboy_hat_face:


its actually a way older meme and my reply to it still stands: im mad at the game and devs because i cant play the game, im actually a fairly chill person, genji main who doesnt cry about brig being op af and stuff but this? oh this pissed me off waaaaaay hard


OK, I know you are only trying to help, but this isn’t how this works. Just because the system requirements says something doesn’t mean that this has to be intended. Remember, this is affecting users who had no problems before the patch, and the patch notes says nothing about the game not working on some systems anymore.

The only ones who know if this is a bug or not is the Overwatch development team. Given that the known bugs doesn’t mention this problem I’d bet that this patch broke something, but it isn’t a priority for Blizzard since it only affects low end systems and now they’re going to let the affected users have a nasty suprise.


Guys I tried all I could, repear tool of Battlenet, the cache stuff, uninstall/install, nothing, even updating my PC, checking my internet connection, the fire-wall, etc etc.
There is something since Halloween’s update locking all of this but we are a minority that have this problem, that’s why I think our problem is not a priority… And it’s sad. But I still believe in the hardwork of the Devs.


To be honest I feel frustrated for you guys, and I am checking each the DxDiag files but unless Blizzard does say something (which please note in the Bug Report forum they do not make responses unless more information is needed from the player), I can only point out the obvious. From what I have seen, this is the only trend in these reports and to be honest it makes sense.


I highly doubt the processors are at fault. Yes, they are not optimal, however if I could run the game COMPLETELY fine without any issues with a somewhat out of date processor, how come I can’t play it now? I’m quite skeptical of the reasoning Blizzard and Wyoming gave us.


I’ve been dealing with simmilar logic for like 20patches now

and it’s not godamn logical for everything to break just because they added a few sprays or a reskin to lucioball or a new character damnit

1.30 patch now online! (New Hero Ashe) - IMPORTANT PATCHING INFORMATION!

Our bug didn’t get there 1.30 Known Issues List


ok this makes me wanna punch my screen


Nah, it actually makes a lot of sense. They probably optimized something in a way that works on newer CPUs but not on older ones. And they probably don’t test the game on hardware that is below the minimum system requirements so they only became aware of this when the reports from PTR popped up a little while ago.


I will be really sad if I can’t play it anymore. It’s my favourite game and not everybody can buy a good computer ;-;


I don’t think so, there have been reports of this bug happening on high-end PCs, I honestly have no idea what could be causing this.