PTR Ana Question!


I popped onto the PTR and gave it a shot (pun not intended :joy:) its so fun and makes me so happy! I’m pleased they’re finally investing into Ana :smiley:


Yes please, make it at least toggle-able. I don’t want to lose preheal for simpler gameplay, but I can see how some people like the change.


This will make it easier for her to also attack. Can’t woot for this to be live, I play consol


It would be better if it was optional like lucio’s wall ride


This, I was just about to comment this.


Most definitely, like Mercy has toggles for her beam to lock on without you having to hold the button (I don’t know other hero toggles :joy:) I think this would be nice for Ana. So people with different play styles won’t have to lose what they prefer.

(Geoff Goodman) #13

There is another Ana change we’re making which didn’t quite make this PTR build, but will be up there soon.

We’re changing Ana’s magazine size from 10 to 14, which should help her maintain healing uptime and allow her to more carefully choose when to reload as opposed to just healing until the reload is forced upon you.

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Woohoo! Thank you very much for adding this information! :slight_smile:

Also, A Dev replied to a topic of mine, I’ve made it in life!



Of fr*ck we’re getting more buffs.


Children, behave. Or Imma nano myself. :smile:


Any other heroes seeing changes on the next PTR build?


Those are fantastic changes.


Geoff these changes are amazing and I love LOVE them, thanks a lot!

Would you ever consider letting Ana nano herself on regular games though? I understand it might be tricky but I feel like there’s a lot of strategic value on that feature


great!! now, how about some form of passive self heal?
not a fan of using the nade on cooldown :wink:


Any healing passive?

She’s the only support without one and it is REALLY hindering compared to any other support

Moira has both a healing passive, a better escape tool, and a self healing ability


Woah, that’s actually huge. Thank you so much for letting the community know!


great buff for 2017. with moira and bridget in the game, any healer with projectiles is not viable.


It’s super handy for those of us who want to play Ana and have her work more effectively than she already does.

Sure, Moira and Brigitte may be better but I have a lot of love and passion for Ana - so I’m pleased about this :smiley:


MS paint trashpost aside, I don’t think this will be enough, and isn’t the direction I’d take but it is a welcome change. Are the cooldowns being looked at?


Thanks for the update! I do have a small concern however. Even though 4 more extra shots is nice, Ana’s main problems IMO are her low survivability, no mobility for a sniper, and no self-sustain. Compared to Mercy or Moira, who have amazing sustain and mobility with consistent healing on top of it.

However I really don’t know how this will play out so I’ll wait and see. Once again, thanks for the update!