PS4 Voice Chat Noise Distortion for everyone


ok sorry they did respond here is what they said

PS4 Voice Chat
We have been made aware of an issue that causes the Overwatch in-game voice volume to be set to max. While we are looking into this issue we do recommend setting the in-game voice volume to 60 or lower to compensate and apologize for any inconvenience.


Same thing here, not to be rude but can they release a patch without huge bugs? This is the only game I played where patches ruins other sections of a game, important ones. Communication is very important in this game


Same problem. Please fix blizz!


this is still happening to me right now


The problem is turning it down just eliminates the physical piercing pain. It does not get rid of distortion. My Mic sound is at 50 but it constantly sounds maxed and distorted. It sound distorted no matter what volume it is at. I wont play comp in lucio ball or standard until that is fixed.


This is happening to me as well. Does anyone know if you also project static when speaking?


Hopefully they fix this very soon. I started experiencing it when the summer games event came out .


So I turned down “Voice Chat Volume” to 45 and it seemed to solve the problem.


Go into sound settings and bring the voice chat volume down to 50 or 60 and it goes back to normal.

Voice chat fanctionality

Yes, everyone that talks sounds horrible.


I found that if you turn the chat volume to 30, save it, and then put it back up to whatever number you want, it fixes the bug


Permanently or is this just temp? or per game?


19 days and this is still happening. What’s going on Blizzard, we can’t play like this


This is an ESSENTIAL mechanism of the game. More important than stupid Dva sprays…


This may be related to general audio issues happening in Overwatch, check out this thread:


How in the F has this not been fixed yet?! This is SUCH a team comp game but yet you cant communicate through all this background sh**! FIX IT NOW! Make this game playable again! It’s been like this for more than 3 1/2 weeks! This is unacceptable!


Yeah it’s still happening, it’s annoying because people will say “Sky, switch to ??? ok”


I though the last patch this was going to be fixed and nope they completely disregarded this issue.


It’s been over a month now, and still this remains broken.

In case anyone still thought that Blizzard cares about console, here’s your evidence that they don’t.

[edit] And as soon as I say that, they release all-new aim-assist code for consoles only.

Still, how is this a live bug? Such strange priorities.


Playing Comp is impossible, How the hell can you play without communications with anyone! No feedback, no nothing from devs or anyone.