Pros use White HUDs and I'm wondering if i can get it (possible way in description if you know how Over-Watch's files work)


So in Over-watch League a lot of pros have their huds set to white, I was curios as to how to do this, It appears as though there isn’t a way to do this. But I’m wondering if through the colorblind settings (for the entire UI i’m afraid) to have your team be displayed as white by (If the files work this way) editing the games color blind settings to be set to (RBG) 0, 0, 0, (white). If there is a way to do this please let me know

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When the pros play Overwatch at the Blizzard Arena, it looks just like it does for you and me at home. They don’t see the team coloring of the HUD or the Visual FX. They don’t even see the team uniforms. It’s the spectator functionality and the broadcast that makes the game look that way.

You can use some color blind settings to adjust the way things look for you at home, but it’s not quite like the OWL view.

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Overwatch Blizzard/Developer Post Directory - Last Updated: 9/12/2019

Do they have custom crosshairs or are they supposed to use the default crosshairs?


HUD colours aren’t changed, it just looks like that for OWL. also last year i heard a pro player from aimbotcalvin’s stream say that even the league skins don’t appear.


I’ve been using Green for friendlies and Purple for enemies it has worked for a while, sometimes I’m getting discoloring glitching though, there is a colorblind function for this.
Insightful pearl of wisdom about the uniforms and the players UI.


So how does the spectator mode work then? How do you give it the team colors, etc.?


Leonora info?..

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Hey Jeff, is it possible that we eventually get some updates on personal statistics?

I just made a thread about it.


I like how Jeff replied here and people are just asking him other things that are not even slighly close to the topic of this thread. People are really desperate for communication with the OW team.


Can you release the hotfix on console for the glitched CTF Sprays? Please. I’ve been waiting for weeks and have everything except for the glitched CTF sprays.


My man!

Jeff… just wanted to say hello and that I hope all is well considering the restructuring currently taking place within the company. I was recently laid off so I understand the stress.

Looking forward to an excellent 2019… keep up the hard work :+1:


Ok.But who is the best hero?


On a related note, I’m curious why the OWL display shows the health/armor/shield bars differently over characters’ heads. It makes it really difficult to see how much the players actually have left, especially when things like Rally and Sound Barrier get involved.


They have custom crosshairs, we only see the hero default crosshair in spectator view.


Jeff replies and ya’ll start foaming at the mouth lol.


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Big Youtubers avoid talking about her, I have become the Leonora guy… just makes me feel like I have the White Cone Cap on in the corner… waiting for… disappointment I guess.


Why are the crosshairs the default ones? Some of them like the dva one fills up too much of the screen


I think it is a technical limitation of the spectator features.


Is there a sort of expectation that the HUD is part of the overall experience?

A lot of people ask for requests to customize the HUD but I’ve not really seen any feedback on if there are some reasons that the devs only providing accessibility options rather say a fully custom HUD like in World of Warcraft.


from what i saw in OWL after map/going for breaks while camera is showing players we can peek at their screens… and they have 100% basic colours and skins