Profile Stats Not Updating For Ranked/Competitive

My profile stats will not update for competitive/ranked. I have played 50+ ranked games. My account is linked on both PC and PS5. What do I need to do to get my profile stats to update?

Anyone else having this issue?

Loving the game but it would be really nice to see my performance in ranked to improve myself.


Same issue. But across the board. All stats are messed up.


Same issue. I feel like because of this I’m not on leaderboards also. I’m master 4 and I see diamond players there but because of this bug my profile isn’t getting updated, no words from devs? Are they ever going to address this issue.

I posted about this too and have been keeping track of threads like this here:

There’s a lot of these threads and Blizzard have yet to even acknowledge it’s an issue!

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