Private Profiles are the worst thing to happen to the game


I have my profile open and no one even bothers to check since everyone has them locked. it is funny when ppl ask me what I play.


Is it Torb?


Let me correct this.

Oblivion: before private profiles i’d usually check their profiles, because they played a hero I’m not comfortable having on my team, to see who they are good at by briefly looking at their most played heroes.


It’s always because of those instant lock players that the game gets out of hand. Then they result to reporting because things didn’t go that way. Private profiles is fine, but those who are bothered by it are truly toxic players.

People like me always knows the truth. We don’t fall for gimmicks that others are easily preyed upon. You can pretend that you’re in the right and pretend others may agree. Remember that’s your positive outlook from it meaning your experience. You may just have a tough time accepting others who are against it.

That’s the point of debating.


by forced I meant that when it rolled out everybody was made private


Daddy Jeff shut you down.

Responding to:


You know good and well that doesn’t work on me. That’s just false positivity. All that means a lot of bans were put out whether false or valid.


Yes, yes. I am GM torb.




Ha! Ok buddy, sure. You go ahead and keep “knowing the truth” it will do you a lot of good. Nothing to do here.


Does it say Statistics of abusive chat & abusive players because of bans? You’re just assuming that sh**


This guy is delusional or in denial is actually kind of weird but hey, it’s the internet.


How does that quote tell you that I’m delusion or in denial? :joy::joy:


Why should anyone listen to you?
Viewing profiles does not provide any advantage. Just play and synergize with what you got.
Hate people like you who micromanage everyone on the team.
Mine’s is public btw


Sorry i meant, the guy you are talking to not you, perhaps i worded it badly my apologies.


Exactly. [20 Characters]


It’s cool my dude (sorry for assuming gender).


They don’t have to point that out. They don’t have to tell you anything. They just tell you what they want you to know. It’s basic communication to keep a certain crowd in check.

Don’t get hurt by my responses. We both have different experiences. I accepted yours, but you can’t accept mine for some reason. Perhaps you want to be in the right?

Denial and delusional huh. That’s your response because someone has a different opinion? I think we’re done here before someone gets reported.


Yes but that doesn’t mean we should start assuming sh**. Work with the information you are given.

I’m proving my point with actual evidence that has a high chance of being legitimate. You’re proving your point by assuming stuff. I wonder who’ll win the argument :thinking:.


Sorry but this is not about opinions or subjectivity, you are arguing that gravity doesn’t exist, it’s just nonesense. Opinion would be like “i think Hanzo is Op because of this or that” and you saying “I don’t think Hanzo is OP because of this or that”. I would respect your opinion then because it is a subjective matter, this however, is not, you are arguing against reality itself and the fact that you can’t even understand it is concerning.