Private profiles are ruining ranked


Blind or not, ANY blame game is simply NOT okay.

Blame games are reason private profiles were added in first place.


It’s a 15 minute queue (if that). If you can’t wait that small amount of time for a game you would enjoy more then obviously the problems are not as big of a deal as you make it out to be.


Ok if you can’t wait 10 mins to get a proper game and probably get 3 - 4 games with the same. Then continue solo-quening and losing ur time

Overwatch is a team game 6 vs 6 is never a 1 vs 6. Since the LFG solo-queue is just a HUGE waste of time.

You are complaining for the sake of complain cuz the solution for your problems is wrote above


Which 1 exactly?
Oh wait that’s right. None of them because he clearly never said this


not really. if you play bad, you’re more than likely going to be called out. they’d go to your previous seasons so they can just use something extra against you, and if you have it private, then they will assume that you have something to hide and therefor you must’ve been gold in season 2.


Well that’s unfortunate, because they did not stop the blame game, it just made them blind blame games, which are possibly much worse.


id just like to point out, i have an overwhelmingly posotive winrate this season, around 80%, beacuse i have had lucky games with smurfs and hitting lucky shots. this isnt about winning and losing its about how the game has gone down hill, drastically since this feature has been introduced


Oh please go away. And if you’re asking for evidence, can you at least not conveniently dismiss it before I could even give it? Thanks.


I can dismiss it before you can give it because I know what he’s said on the matter considering I’ve always paid close attention to the devs statements on such matter because they effect me greatly.
I know how often you people twist their offical word to fit your own false meaning


It’s hard to say what impact Private Profiles did to toxicity but overall it’s down.


Lets clear something

In Gold/Platinum where 50% - 60% of the playerbase is, you will have new “enemies” everymatch

On Master you play with the same 50 - 75 people and on GM you play with the same 25 people. So the LFG is the best option the most you continue climbing.

The Solo-queue was cool and fun if you did not care win but in the present only if you want torture urself u will continue using that


The best part of these threads is that more often than not the person complaining about private profiles has their own profile set to private


Same here. I specifically remember this one, though. I was trying to find the YT video on PlayOverwatch, but it’d take a loooong time. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get back to you with evidence.


Thank you for illustrating my point.


Refusing to switch is not throwing. This is stated explicitly in the report feature. Can we call you out for not reading at a level you speak at? Because that seems appropriate.

Just another toxic reporter who is getting BTFO by the system designed to shut that behavior down. Working as intended. c:


So if I go 0-20 on Torb on 2CP attack, and I refuse to switch, I’m not throwing?

Can’t wait to be matched with you some day.



  • People already threw games on spawn room based on profiles
  • I honestly rather see them actually blaming me for being bad than based on my hero playtime 10 seasons ago
  • If they are already blaming me, they don’t need more reasons to blame me. No sane person would throw more fuel to the fire.
  • They are private by default and most people didn’t change to public. They would have to automatically whine about most teammates they ever get. It makes being toxic too much work to bother with because you can’t blame just one person.
  • Are you low-key rankshaming gold players… ?


true, that did drastically drop down.

i’m pretty sure people would blame you for being bad, people just want to win. if they see you’re playing bad, they’ll use whatever they have against you.

no, i’m just telling you what i hear all the time. i’m a GM/Top 500 player, and people just love to point out previous seasons. for instance, there is Brigitte one-trick, who was pretty low SR before Brigitte was released (he was around gold/plat), then reached 4300. People typically flamed him for being low SR and I always heard that. I’m just telling you what I hear at my elo. I like the Brigitte one-trick anyways, cool guy and I’ve done nothing but win with him on my team.


If anything, private profiles reduced blame game. Some toxic players don’t bother when they can’t use profile data as justification for calling people out.


Okay sorry for quick assumptions, my bad.

I recommend to avoid using names of other players on forums tho. They remove posts for those things. Just change the story to not include the name and make it more vague.