Press F for the players who got kicked during Ranked

One at a time they dissappeared from the match… By the time we were 3 left we knew Jeff was coming for us. We sat in spawn… Just waiting… Seconds later I was gone as well… When I finally got in again after waiting in a line of 15.000 people, Blizzard greeted me with a 50SR penalty and a competitive suspension.

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A more emotional story than Twilight. FeelsbadMan

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but why?, its only 50 sr

easily reattainable by anyone who belongs in there own rank

if a person is so worried about losing 50 sr then maybe just maybe…they didnt belong there in the first place


Nice try OP, but I’ll not contribute to your thread bumping nonsense!

Who is F and how much do i pay him?
Or do you mean press F?