Prefer over Avoid?

“Soft-friends”, where you can send a preferred invite and the other can accept, but does not add them to their friends list nor the benefits of it and the only thing you could do was turn off preferred.

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Yep, something like that would work.

We used to have that. I think a lot people abused it to throw other people’s games instead of using it right. Which is why they removed it iirc


I feel like throwers who wanted to “get back at people” for something would prefer them so they could try to ruin their next game, too. Then it pretty much forces people to avoid people they don’t want to play with between matches just so that person can’t try to prefer them. I also find that, if I did really great and it was a close win, I probably don’t want to play with that team again. I don’t want them to be able to prefer me and make have to pull out a huge performance again just to hopefully squeak by with another win.

I miss perfer as teammate because I could often play with people I like without having to add them to my friends list

Imagine a community being so toxic they have to remove a feature intended to be used for friendly reasons

we actually had a “prefer” system in the game.

because of the population size, it worked less than 1% of the time. we ultimately removed it to reduce UI and matchmaking code complexity.

obviously, we like ideas like this – that’s why we tried it. we’ll continue to brainstorm along these lines.


I’ve always wanted a Prefer to Fight button. Sometimes people on my team are toxic, and I’d love to show em a thing or two in the next match by battling them.


i just want like 8-10 avoid slots… literally… that’s it…


Do you think there will be an increase in avoid slots in the future?


would you ever consider “General population” rules? For easing the stress off of experienced players? I think this MIGHT have a more positive impact compared to having to add another large group of “Avoid team member” slots?

The whole thing I mention in another post is like what Guild leaders went through on WoW. Players that put more time on their main account are going to take objectives serious. While those whom are starting off or started an alt account weren’t going to be respecting the autonomy of the community, since they had NO consequences if they lost their alt account.

Just like the person that jumps into TRADE chat on WoW and advertises junk (remember the lvl 1 accounts from SPAMMER DAYS in Orgimmar?. Where the orcs would form a GIANT message to spam “K4G”. :face_vomiting:

Or if you drop in at the right time on a TF2 server and someone that REPEATEDLY creates TF2 accounts just to CHEAT, because the game is F2P O_O.

Ooh, yes please.

I wish we could get more avoids… have it based on your endorsement level or something…

Also allow the “avoid” to avoid both team and enemy in non-comp modes. I’ve had people harass without chat. They would ignore everything but only go for me and try to kill me. I would see them in several matches. You can’t block/mute that kind of harassment.


Well put.
This goes a longer way than most people expect.

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I still wish we had a few “avoid as enemy” slots…

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I didn’t realize that was why. Because I feel like it doesn’t matter how long I take a break , I play with the same people.

I haven’t played comp on my main in an overwatch decade, but I will find myself vs or with people from like, season 5.

Does the avoid system therefore impact the ui less? Or more compared to prefer?

Why do I get the feeling blue alt accounts make these threads?

Well…I’m a walking troll and I got a reply once

Sure, Jeff hasn’t accepted my bribes yet but I’ll keep trying.

It worked for his beard.

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This just seems so funny to me.

“I enjoy playing with you. Want to add me so we can play more games later?”

“You’re only 1/3 games towards becoming my friend, buster, so I’m going to have to decline for now.”


I used to know this guy that would try to con me out of money every time I met him. Thing was, he wasn’t in a very good place mentally, so he would always use the same line on me. After the 3rd or 4th time, though, he remembered who I was, and would instead jump in my car and demand rides home. Definitely no a friend of mine, but pretty harmless, and I grew fond of him over time. I would never invite him over to my house, but I would give him a ride home while listening to him ramble.

It’s like that.

Jeff, could you please also address this issue: are we ever going to see OWL Grey Skins for sale or ever be able to get more of them? Fans of them wanna know.