Prediction for the dev update

That’s a big YES from me GF


Bri is now officially a Tank/Support/DPS

So they are now boosting her DPS up to 180/s

I just re-read jeffs post, sounded like the rework has already been done by the way he said it a long time ago, he said “We’re more focused on Symmetra right now… And someone else…”

Which means since they are working on torbs rework right now said rework has already happened.

Maybe that rework will get released on PTR to tide us over til they can figure out what to do with Torb, we haven’t gotten any word on a full rework for anyone other than Sym and Torb, so maybe they’re just gonna drop it on us all willy nilly Tuesday (or at least I can hope)

They mentioned another hero getting a rework?

You misunderstand me, I said the rework had most likely already been updated to live, so anyone who was reworked from March 30th until now is most likely who they focused on.

Since now, people seem to say this patch will be torbs rework, meaning the other one has to have been already uploaded to live.

I want them to announce a full game rework. Make every character brokenly powerful and unique, then let the players go wild.

Ah, I understand, It’s…been a long day, I’m still at work and it’s after 2300 here end me
I guess I’m just really holding out hope that someone else is getting some love but I may have mis-remembered Jeff’s post

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After sym, they said they were working on Torb and a “mystery hero” they were keeping quiet about, I’m unsure if it’s already been released for if minor tweaking/reworking was counted as the third character but I’m gonna go look again just to be sure.

Ok well this is the best I could find
(Mar 30th discussion on Torbjorn and Symmetra re-work)

Sombra rework may have been, it happened IIRC a little bit after the Symm rework hit live, as mentions of it hitting the PTR were right around there.

(Symms rework was playable on PTR around June 5th I believe, and it went live June 26th, Sombras “rework” was announced around July 4th, and hit live July 24th)

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Was this before or after the Sombra changes were announced?

Also, that was pre Wrecking Ball.

It was most likely him.

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Prior, that post was from March 30th

Sombras changes came July 4th on PTR, July 24th on live, around a week after symms rework hit live sombra’s changes were on PTR, it was with the hitscan hero update.

Could be, but it sounded like they were leaning towards talking about reworks rather than new heroes.

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Very true!
It very well could’ve been our favorite shadow, though when they mentioned it in the vein of re-works I assumed it was an overhaul more along the lines of changing the kit like Sym instead of just tweaking numbers on her locator and stealth.
But that’s just me
Too overzealous for hero reworks for something fresh and new

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Jeff: Hey guys, we feel Mercy is a bit too overtuned, so we…
Me: _
(for the love of god, someone lvl 3 please post this gif for me :joy: )

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(Here you go!)


Lol, this is incredibly wrong. Remember! She only got her latest nerf a month ago. It’s gonna take them another 4 months to address Mercy again. The developer update is most likely going to talk about Pharah and the Torb rework.

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When did they say that?

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