Post your examples of "fair" matchmaking

I’ll go first. This is pretty typical: QVS1R1

And another: MD0DW6

How about for others?

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Stomps are 9/9 games.

It would be more interesting to see some actual good matches…


Doesn’t matter what time of day you play, the result is always the same. BE36FE


THE kiriko/brig is pretty bad and she has zero game sense

reaper was always flanking and she is clueless

about 25 thousand matches I’ve had over the years have been pretty evenly matched…

Wow. You play almost as much as I do. But I have more games than that and they’re all complete and total steamrolls. So clearly you’re special.


I get a few fair matches now and then, and it’s great when it happens. Reminds me why I played this game to begin with. But while matches felt fair around 70% of the time in OW1, it’s more like the opposite in OW2.

70% of my matches are either so easy I could spend the match in spawn and still win, or so hard that it’s not worth trying. I’ve pretty much given up at this point. It’s been almost a year and it’s still the same, it’s pretty clear they can’t or won’t fix the problem. If you’re not happy with how it plays now I suggest you find another game to spend your time on.


I don’t believe you have played thousands of uneven matches of Overwatch. In fact I don’t believe you’ve actually played as many matches as you say…

Your stats for Overwatch 2

Games Played 6,166
Time Played 38 days, 6 hours

(Xon stats)

Games Played 7,200
Time Played 54 days, 19 hours

And on the Topic of even matches / you are not far from 50/50 win/loss ratio

Damage 488 - 462
Tank 313 - 312
Support 595 - 415

after 625 matches your ratio is off by 1 match. This is a system working as intended to provide even matches for people to enjoy. How you choose to see these matches is your perspective, although you might be hard pressed to convince most players. Like minded players will agree with you / they post here frequently complaining about ‘the system’

P.S. You misread - I said over the years, about 25 thousand games were evenly matched. Good games / close games.
I didn’t state how many matches I have played…

No replay codes but I can tell you how 90% of my games go. I come out absolutely destroying the enemy team on tank. Then they go Orisa and Bastion and I can no longer do anything for the rest of the game while my DPS are still playing Genji and Widow. I feel like these people who play Orisa in gold are the type who actually wear the “Platinum Role Challenger” when they get it.

Nope, those aren’t my stats. You have no idea what they are because you think this account plays the game. This account hasn’t played the game since the OW1 days. I use it soley for the forums. Nice try.


Any game where tanks are on the same level

That sounds like you think every single game is decided by tanks.
Guess what? Its not.

Tanks have no autonomy whatsoever.

The map and their teammates on support together with dps decided what ‘style’ of tank they can effectively play while the dps decide how they should play. The ‘styles’ are,brawl, poke or dive.

When you get enough healing and make plays the enemy team decides that you are not allowed to do that and hardcounters you making you have to swap from your initial pick of brawl, poke or dive.
Meaning that your synergy with your teamcomp is lost meaning your effectiveness declines.

If you get a combo of mercy/illari/lucio/zen as supports 9/10 games on tank you auto lose below high diamond because the illari will dps and hit nothing half the game, you wont get enough healing as tank to survive against the enemy hardcounters or when you do survive your unable to make a play because of lack of healing and insane damage output.

Even when you as tank make a play the easy of which it is denied by stuff like lamp, suzu, petal, lifegrip, sleep, boops or a support ult effectively nullifies your output and gets you killed half the time.

99/100 games the tanks dictates 20% at most or lower of the outcome of the match.

Tanks get to deal with all the crap of cc abilities, abilities that deny things like suzu lamp or grip on any effective play they make, they get counterswapped on immediately and have to deal with teammates who either wont heal them near enough making them forced to play a hero thats suboptimal and gets countered by 1 single hero swap.
Or they get teammates who on dps never shoot the zen forcing him to not discord a tank, never force mei iceblock or force symmetra off holding leftclick on a tank.
Or they get dps and supports who never swap a hero to help the tank out with all the crap he has to deal with.

Tell me how often do you get killed by a sombra hack or a cassidy hinder or discord or a mei wall or by a anti that hits you every single fight because you have no way of blocking it?
Because im willing to bet its not even close to half of the amount of any tank player.

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Not every time, in most cases. When some action of dps & support overcome tanks weakness you will get row of win of lose instead of 50/50

If your tank is ignored by supports, you lose. And that happens WAY more than not.

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you deserve every loss you get

What part of tanks having 0 autonomy did you not get? They don’t have impact when the enemy team doesn’t want them too or when supports like someone else said ignore them. They just stand there trying to not die. Thats all they can do basically.
Your tank can’t even decide if they win or lose no matter what tank he plays.
Literally everybody else in the lobby does.

If you dont believe me look some games back. Every single time your tank swapped atleast 1 person on the enemy team swaps to counter him.

When your tank plays winston and he kills a dps, 9/10 times a reaper or bastion appears.
Sigma/dva? Sym/zarya/mei.

When they play hog or jq, ana and or kiriko appears.

When its zarya either winston+dive or double sniper with rein or a mei/bastion.

When your tank rolls out on rein and gets a kill a phara mercy or orisa or bastion or mei appears and maybe even a zen.
When its ball or doom they go sombra/orisa next fight.

it’s the stats for the last year of Overwatch 1

Ooh look! Another one! QSB82P

i guess this sort of just depends on what you mean by evenly matched.

while i would generally say the lobbies have been balanced over the years, since season 3 the matchmaking as been a little bit…confusing sometimes.

for instance i once had a match while playing and practicing support (this was season 3 or so) where i was sitting at around diamond 5 or diamond 4 and everyone around me was gold 2 to plat 5 cept 1 other person.

who was a masters dps player (on my team) playing dps, their was no masters dps on the enemy team to mirror him

and their was no diamond support to mirror me.

normally id say “oh its just the mmr!” but the people we played into were not masters level, and while im masters on dps im not masters on support (and i certainly wasnt there at that point in time).

as expected we completely steam rolled them and full capped with 4-5 minutes on the clock during the attack and full held them on defense. they were vastly out matched by me and the dps since we clearly didnt belong in that match and yet it put us there.

that is an example of a very unbalanced match and this happened during the prime time hours of the day and this wasnt a one time thing.

now i have no doubt you have had alot of balanced matches but my guess would be that your within that gold/plat range and arnt experienced to enough to tell the difference between someone thats gold/plat and someone thats an actual smurf. so even if you were having a poorly matchmade…match you might not notice it. youd just think it was a normal stomp

i was very lucky that i checked the ranks of all the players in that lobby and most of them wernt hidden to confirm what i suspected. most of the time thats not possible with the hidden profiles

I wish i could but I haven’t had a balanced game in a long time.