Possible Kanezaka ffa map glitch exploit?

Anyone else feel like they were shot through a wall in Kanezaka, but on the kill cam it looks like an opening? Just played a round in Kanezaka and it looked like a bullet came through a wall while a Mccree got me with a kb, but the kill cam showed an opening where I couldn’t see one.

visible confusion

Do you have a replay code by any chance?

There is one map glitch out rn, (I even tried it out today, though I did not use it to “gain a tactical advantage” and I just sat there and chilled) but you can only get to it with genji or hanzo… maybe only genji… I haven’t tried hanzo yet so I wouldn’t know.

isn’t that a question reserved for Blizz employee’s?

Why would it be? Would help others to understand what ur talking about


There’s an in game reporting mechanism for replays that goes directly to blizz, so I don’t know how the code is generated, but the code itself seems like it would have no value to someone other than a blizz employee, or a hacker.

Yeah but that’s their email I think for cheaters

You just go into career profile… Replay, share, bam, anyone can watch the replay

It doesn’t but at least we understand what OP wants to say

This thread was created to check if anyone else is either certain they were shot through a wall in Kanezaka, or feels like they were. Not to share with everyone. Watching the Repaly now and yes there is a definite exploit in Kanezaka on Xbox One. Watching a Mccree hide in a wall and shoot people. He got to the point by hopping on some thing that looks like a bucket.

Then why can’t you just post the replay so people can see what you mean???

Blizz is the only entity that needs to see the replay. Why are you so interested in the replay?

If you can’t be bothered to provide a replay so others could understand what the hell you are even talking about, then don’t make a thread.

Providing a replay doesn’t hurt you or anything and you’re being overly difficult about it for no reason :woman_shrugging:

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No guys it’s totally real and I have the evidence you just can’t see it also my uncle works at bintenbo

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If you refer to the :warning: mark next to a replay in the list of replays, that is NOT for reporting bugs or reporting possible gameplay sabotage, exploits, or cheating. It is for reporting replay codes that have been shared to you that contains inappropriate user content such as abusive language, sexual content, etc. (something that can be made in custom games).

As far as sharing here on the forums, if you are trying to identify whether something is a bug or not, you can share the replay code. However, if you feel the bug has high exploit potential, you should not post it here and instead send the replay code in an email to hacks@blizzard.com (please provide a very detailed description).

Then what’s the point of reporting it on the general discussion?

“There’s this thing that happens, but I won’t provide proof of it.”

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Because you posted it on the general section, instead of the bug section.

and i’m not really sure why we wouldn’t be able to see it…
if you didn’t want us to see it or ask for it, then don’t post about it.


I mean, we want to see the replay code so we can verify what you’re seeing. It’s possible it is - and then you have 10+ people off the bat who will confirm and verify the exploit.


Are you familiar with Xbox One’s in game reporting system, because the symbol you shared does not appear in Xbox One’s options of what you can do while viewing one’s replay list on Xbox One. There is however a menu with options of what can be done with a replay and one of those is “report” next to a symbol of the Xbox One controller’s start button. After pressing said button one would be prompted for a replay code, and then a reason for the report. Do you have experience or detailed knowledge of Blizzards Xbox One’s replay reporting system?

I only play on PC, but it sounds like you and I are talking about the same thing. Again reporting a replay is ONLY for a shared replay that has inappropriate content created by the user of that replay, NOT cheating.

does primarily mean only?

Prob latency. Ping’s been a problem so it’s possible while you cleared it, the server registered you behind your action and you’re shot afterwards.