Possible ban reset

In Australia there appeared to be a lot of issues with connecting/staying connected to the blizzard servers. Now weather that was due to rounding issues or servers issues I don’t know.

But I think it’s fair to say that it wasn’t the people who were constantly getting disconnected’s fault for getting disconnected. Hell, blizzard could have at least put a big fat warning about this issue after they were told about it and acknowledged that it was happening (see the thread titled “Aussie servers are stuffed”)

So maybe at least just reset the ban timers. Don’t even give back our sr if you don’t want. Because it’s unfair to those players that have had to suffer because of something that was out of their control.

If it wasn’t a blizzard issue they can’t control that as well. But they could have put up a warning telling us about this problem and it is for this reason (apart from the salt overdose (exaggeration) I have been through) that I would like as I’m sure many will agree with me. That we should reset the ban timers.

Your sincerely,
A salty overwatch player.


Competitive leaver bans are not reversed. Suspensions start small at only 10 minutes because Blizzard does know issues can crop up, however if a player is ignorant of those suspensions and continues to play Competitive Play when there is a known issue, it is just as bad as a player who deliberately leaves the game. Please see this Blizzard post for more details about this overall policy.

But we had no idea of knowing when it was going to get fixed.

My policy is play several games in a non-competitive mode. If I disconnect, avoid comp. After about 20 games since a last known issue, I will then attempt to play Competitive.

as is stated in the thread i mentioned. the issue appeared to only affect comp. there are a few mentions of it happening in other modes but the majority of people said that it only happened in comp. i myself played a little bit of com tdm after i was banned but i had not issues. when i went back to normal comp i was again disconnected… if this is a coincidence… i am very sad.

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I completely understand your frustration here, but the Technical Support forums are not an avenue to appeal any gameplay penalty or restriction. If you have feedback or want to request amnesty for your region from the affects of disconnections, your best bet would be to post to General Discussion, where the devs look for feedback. Best of luck.