Please, something, anything on Mercy!

No? Juggling means quickly tapping people off to make sure they dont die. Tapping people doesnt happen because how slow they heal now because you need to hold m1 at a teammate longer. You just said her role became pocketing which is the totalk opposite of juggling.

Juggling isnt the ability to heal or change targets, it’s a playstyle.

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It was when Mercy had 60HPS.

Mercy still has a pretty good range.

And that’s why Ana isn’t as good as Mercy in lower elo’s

She still heals 50hps during ult. That means if the enemy team focus fires anyone your ult is practically useless. In fact get a winston to negate the valk healing.

Also mercy with 60hps was still beaten out by moira and ana’s healing in terms of raw output. Mercy only beat them in consistency


It wasnt in prework. The go to healer combo was Lucio+Zen. If current Ana (not the overnerfed Ana) and Moira existed with prework mercy her 60hps wouldnt matter.

It s the presence of cd rez. It s too much and too strong, cant balance it on it s own so they had to nerf other parts of her kit.

The last time this was asked for, it didn’t go down well.

I used to be a Mercy main during her OP phase, and I’ve been wanting her to get nerfed and other supports buffed. I hated being locked on this boring hero as a support main.

Surprising that two mercy mains want mercy to be able to outheal the whole cast and be able to do it to the entire team in an incredibly short time with no aiming skills required, no resource, no reload, and backed up with a buff and rez. Not to mention an ult that gives infinite flight and ads more healing.

Yeah here s the thing, you missed out on me saying id rather have mercy at 60hps with no e ability at all

Look her consistent 60hps was never a problem in prework. It was balanced due to having near zero utility and dmg boost utility couldnt be used at the same time as her healing. Mercy only became a problem when cd rez was introduced giving her an imbalanced utility. Just remove it is what im saying, way to take my words out of context lol

And for the record i personally hate how easy to get value valk is you can press m1 or m2 and not switch targets and youd still get the same result just press one mouse button and hide. You could go battle mercy but thatd be a waste of team heal and team boost unless ofc your targetting a pesky dps or enemy support your team aint focusing

Centering a character more around an ability that causes you to be immobile and completely helpless for a couple seconds on a 30 second cooldown before becoming nearly mindless for the next 30 seconds sure is a good idea guys. :exploding_head:


Have fun dealing with the sweaty anger of the average OW player then. You won’t be able to shotcall for me at least. Not without Blizzard implementing new in-game tools, because I’m still going to keep communications disabled, since I value my sanity.

I agree, something needs to be done…

I have a plan, how about a revert?

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This is how I felt when they trashed Sombra then went silent for about 5 months

But now everything is fine :slight_smile: Just keep on complaining, and stay patient. It’ll all turn out alright

agreed a naked mercy running around is far from appropriate
she should have sometime on

I just really want an answer to this thread right here.

Otherwise they can cop out with some stupid excuses and say they wanted to make Mercy more awesome but it didnt work out as intended or whatever. Just do something about her terrible situation thanks Blizzard.

Not if Ana mains and the other denizens of the forum have anything to say about it

But this is the closest we’ve ever been. All healers but Mercy are viable and even Mercy isn’t too bad outside of the highest ranks. Not saying we shouldn’t fix Mercy, but the state of the healer balance is excellent right now in most other ways, so try to enjoy the good parts of the situation while they are present.

At this point I’d take Blizzard just saying “shut up about Mercy”. At least that would be an actual response. Instead its just been dead air

Her healing is fine, now other healers can actually be viable. Next.

Her healing is not fine, Lucio now has a higher healing per 10 mins than mercy in most ranks

Other heroes need to be more viable true but that can be done by removing rez as a cd ability and bringing back 60hps so that other healers viability is based on their utility while mercys should be her raw healing