Please remove Resurrect

Not sure if you’re aware, but people play games and pick certain heroes because they are fun. People aren’t going to pick what works best until they’re in GM, and even then, some people will still pick their favorite hero, because guess what? Playing that hero is the most fun.

Well good news because Mercy is just as fun as her launch state

more fun in fact because of GA additions

They just changed one ability from a simple press to actually doing more

Like you said,

I think the most highly voted posts on this forum are a clear enough indication. On top of that, we have several unofficial polls.

It’s against her character, so, yeah. There’s a reason why it’s rather time consuming (compared to other healers) to switch to offensive with Mercy; she’s a pacifist.

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I mean lore=/=gameplay balance

You could very much play Mercy offensively with her pistol, keep people alive, and damage boost key targets during certain times

But I guess that’s just too hard for people, despite the fact they also want Mercy to be more skilled and engaging to play and god there’s so many contradictions with the complaints

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It isn’t.
The post doesn’t mention anything specific.
In fact it has a whole part about not being against valk.
And the player base totals what? 40 million?

That has damage boost, helps a team of vigilantes fight, and has a gun.

How does Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State not mention ‘anything specific’? It’s way more elaborate than anything Team 4 has ever produced.

Sample size. Do you know it?

Which works indirectly.

Who doesn’t?

Wouldn’t you want one when you’re treating the wounded in a war zone?

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The post is about a lot of different things.
People can agree with parts of it, not all.

1700 is 0.00425% of players…


Why am i in a war zone If i am a pacifist?

Great. But this is an online competitive game with an esport and a World Cup attached to it. So fun and balance are needed. Making a hero weak just so some players can be happy doesn’t help out the balance side. I have fun with current mercy and at least 15 other heroes. I care way more about balance then I do about one trick’s fun.

Can still be used to make a point.

The line you quoted literally said why.

No, it isn’t. Overwatch is a mainly casual game with a competitive mode, with forced e-sports and a lot of commercial BS haphazardly slapped on top, at the cost of its actual target audience, which has since left the game in droves.

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Makes quite a small point when we don’t know what the people who liked said post agreed to.

A pacifist would treat people in a field hospital. Not on the front lines while helping them by making them kill people faster.

They agreed with the premise of the post, which is that Mercy’s current state is ****. This is backed up by the polls I mentioned earlier, in which 60 percent of the (non-Mercy) respondents would like to see a previous iteration of Mercy (whatever that may be). And over 90% of Mercy players that participated wanted to go back to an earlier version (again, no specifics, but that wasn’t asked in the poll).

Mercy will head out to where people need her the most, and that often happens to be the front line. If I were a medic, I’d probably also choose the frontline over a hospital, even though I, too, am quite the pacifist.

Are we talking about the same post?
The post that literally states they don’t have a problem with current mercy?

Definitely not, if that’s what you somehow managed to extract from Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy's Current State, as Titanium literally says “Valkyrie is a disgusting… pile?” as opener for the ‘Valkyrie’ section of his OP.

What is the title of said post?

I mean, pistol was there with mass rez. It’s not gone. And her ult doesn’t encourage hitting shots, just spam. Otherwise they would have kept speed and dmg increase but instead they kept…infinite ammo? That’s not asking for skill either.
Playing Mercy offensively should be her choice, not kit design as she stands now. If they wanna change her power, i’d be fine with it. 50%dmg boost with 30% healing and increase her shot power. Encourage one , or the other. Not weird nothingness

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“Why I Have Yet to Not Despise Mercy’s Current State”.

Do you know what “have yet to” means?

That Mass Rez was so dope.

Do you despise it yet

Not currently, but might in the future.