Please Make Mercy Transgender So People Really Lose Thier PooP

The Rage Would Be Beautiful.


shurg I wouldn’t care (heck if they do, I’d be all “Oh that’s cool”). Lore is separate from gameplay. Only time they crossover is in Archives, and that’s missions not personal life stuff.

Have you seen the “vids” and “art” of Mercy? I don’t think most Overwatch anime watchers would care yo.

NGL would be really cool if it drove her to study medicine, canonically she has applied some sort of anti aging thingy to herself.


I’m pretty sure all of the Overwatch girls are TG. I would post pics but… You know, I don’t want to get banned.

And she had a surgery on herself.

on a grape

I main Mercy and this triggers me

Genji says: mada mada.

I think it would be a really interesting reveal for a hero to have a flashback from their childhood, where they are shown as the opposite sex and nothing else is said about it.

I don’t care if she had a dongle, I just want her healing and valk to feel good.

My bets are on Hammond.

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You guys really need to stop using the LGBT as a weapon for trolling.
It doesn’t help them at all and in fact you are making them even more a target.


(before writing this post)

:thinking: < mmmh, let’s see what was written FIVE F*****G YEARS AGO among the countless things said in Overwatcvh and let’s expose it as highly relevant in the insistence of the current community.

this is a masterpiece of trolling. :sparkles: magic of decontextualized necroposting.

You feel better now? Can you finally sleep after posting that?
My point still stands.

Moira is the only transgender character in my book.