Please let us buy Pink Mercy

This is beautiful.

I welcome y’all to nerco my old post-

After all same as op I wanted blizzard to read and see. I would love a new charity event. We all starved for content anyways


There’s plenty of people that don’t donate that will pay for the skin.

Fact of the matter is if it came back there would be money going to the organization that will not if no skin is provided.

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I am aware, I just don’t see the reason for the skin to remain " Exclusive " when Blizzard can certainly do a charity event and make it available again, and add a new one
Gatekeeping in video games in 2021 is silly, and I am sure Blizzard doesn’t want that kind of people around :slight_smile:
Still unsure how people consider feedback " whining " and me asking Blizzard to give US the chance to buy the skin " selfish "

I know but at that point it felt like the whole thread just went towards " YOU’RE SILLY AND Y OU’RE LYING AND YOU SHOULD MANAGE YOUR MONEY BETTER LMAO GET REKT FOR NOT HAVING MONEY HOW DID U HAD money b4 but not now? XD " so I felt like I had to elaborate at least a little bit to get the thread back on " track "


I’d rather you not insult me through you post thank you, I was civil with my reply so your comment isn’t needed.

Anyways, it’s not gatekeeping, I can give you the definition if you would like, but gatekeeping has no context here. Also with your comment about “Let ME buy it” that isn’t feedback, but more so a complaint.
Why do you want the skin so badly? They are just pixels, if blizzard does another charity collaboration save $15 so you can buy it.

I totally agree. You’re okay. You don’t need to explain.

I however would suggest to let it go.

People want the pink mercy never to return whether because they stick up for the moral of exclusive/fairness or because they want their cool egoistic mercy skin to stay rare. I can see their point.

Move on.

However it’s a good thing to wish for a new skin on a new hero and maybe even for a different event charity.

Think of pink Roadhog! :joy: oh the possibilities

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This has been a request seen on the forums many times, and I promise you Blizzard is aware of the interest from some members of the community about skins like Pink Mercy, past Overwatch League All-Stars and MVP skins, etc. Nevertheless, there are no official plans to bring this skin back and will remain as a Legacy listed item (Legacy items have no intention to be returned to distribution in the game). Could that change? Yes, but extremely unlikely that it will.

My advice is to look forward to the future and make sure to no miss out on cool exclusive skins in future promotions. I myself try to help with this by providing key information about streaming promotions here on the forums and I also run a handy Twitter feed called @dropswatch which alerts followers to new limited-time items either earned in-game or through streaming promotions.


Finally, No more posts about this again.


This isn’t being closed. Wyoming is just helping op out.

Edit: although after reading below: maybe it should…

are you legit ignoring how I said 4 times " let us buy it, please " because I said " let me buy it " once ?

because I like Mercy? is this an actual question? lmao
I think Pink Mercy is very pretty and I’d like to play the game with her skin :slight_smile:

Nah, don’t let it go, I don’t partake much on these forums and I guess after this experience I’ll continue to avoid them, but don’t say this
People in WOW wanted High elves for A LONG time, Blizzard denied them, and of course, the community of gatekeepers was happy, but at some point, and after some feedback, they added customization options, and they’re now available, they’re not called " high elves " but they’re there
also, have you ever heard of the very famous " wall of no " ? it’s a very long text with several blues responding to " why vanilla wow will never happen " and now, the classic fans are getting classic Burning Crusade, too, so don’t give up, send your feedback, make your voice be heard, just pray you don’t get an annoying manchild in two different accounts upvoting himself lol

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the definition of gatekeeping is: when an individual takes it upon oneself to decide whether another does or does not have access or rights to a community or identity.
Now, we’re are we denying you the right or access to something, especially seeing as though no one here has executive power at blizzard, and most of us saying no have provided other options.

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Hey everyone, its okay to continue to discuss about this subject constructively, however the last few replies are turning to insults which such harassment is not permitted by the Forum Code of Conduct. I am not a moderator, but I have flagged such posts appropriately for moderator review. I am going to politely ask that you all please respect one another and try to have a civilized discussion.


I played at the time but had recently become unemployed like you so I couldn’t afford to purchase the skin, I live in regret :frowning:

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I want pink Hanzo. Give me pink hanzo.


If I don’t see doomfist in a giant pink teddy bear suit, I will sue them myself.


Pink hanzo sounds excellent.

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Be honest, you don’t care about the cause, you care about the skin. :roll_eyes:


The issue for me with people asking for its return is the thinly disguised claim to want something to supposedly help raise money/awareness when in all actuality they only really want he skin because they’d missed their chance before to obtain it.

Just admit you want the skin and stop claiming you want to be charitable as an excuse. not you specifically


Tbh I just want all the exclusives available again and why can’t I have my g0ddamn Illidan genjiiiiii they released the sombra hunter skin why not this one and others


I agree.
Please Blizzard


Mercy bad
Ana good
gib upvote pls