Please Increase Avoid As Teammate Slots

To like 50 or more, please. I’ll gladly take longer queues to never have these people on my teams ever again.


Please ignore this guy and add Avoid as Enemy slots . So that I can avoid some good pharah who combines with mercy and eviscerate my dps team members.

You don’t lose because of your opponents, generally. It’s almost always your teammates.


Does that include you?

I Agree. Maybe 100 slots even. but they never do this.

The queue’s would take WAY LONGER… especially at higher ranks.

No thanks.

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Nah, it’s you. Most games are winnable if you’re good enough.

Cope. This isn’t Call of Duty kid

Take a quick 5-10 minute break and I can guarantee you won’t be playing with them, and your mental will be stronger too

They already know people report others for the most silly reasons so that’s why they limited to three

Cope…with what? And I’ve never played cod. OW and DbD are my only online games played.