Please help. Game is incredibly sluggish

Hi, recently the game has become unplayable, since the latest update. Before this weekend had ZERO issues. Game was smooth and quick. I can play other games without any issues at all. It MUST be an issue with Overwatch. Have tried resetting settings, uninstal and reinstal both and Overwatch without success. If I can play Cities Skyline with hundreds of mods and that game run super-smooth with a massive city, it’s not my system.

PC purchased in 2020. MSI gaming laptop… i7-9750H CPU@2.60GHz, 16GB Ram, GeForce RTX 2060.

Please help.

Nothing has changed enough to make a performance difference in this time period.

Most common issue with that system is overheating. But it could be something else. Make sure you include a DxDiag or we’re just guessing…

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ill submit a ticket, but the overheating thing makes no sense… this has never been an issue until this weekend, and if nothing else has changed, and I’m not experiencing any issues with other games… I can explain it either. I’ll get that DxDiag file and send it via ticket. Thanks.

i’m having the same issue