Please fix workshop

i know a dev will never see this but honestly it’s worth a shot

blizzard, if you are reading this, please please PLEASE put some resources into the workshop. you have an untapped market for player retention/content yet it’s not being utilized. people can make literally anything they desire but at the same time, it’s not necessarily easy. there are so many bugs that make it near unusable at times (outlines, mauga, certain cooldowns, etc.), unnecessary limits (elements/variables/hero+skins), and overall not much else that is possible at this current state. i’m usually against monetizing minor things, but even if you decided to monetize it, i’m sure hundreds if not thousands would use a map editor or even a full-fledged workshop 2.0 with countless ways to program things. on the topic of map editor, you have an entire COMMUNITY of like 6,000 people who have been begging for one since the workshop has released, so jared’s words regarding demand can’t necessarily apply here. as someone who has made a huge and somewhat recognized mode known as OverScuffed™️ (the trademark is just there to look good), i suffer the most from the above limits, as i want to take this mode as far as i can, but i can’t due to said already strict limits. also on the topic of recognition, the browser could also use some updates, as 90% of it is just shovelware made to clog it as much as possible, and because of that, it’s kinda hard for new modes to make it. i would at the very least suggest grouping all modes into folders so people can pick them out easier, and possibly feature modes in the arcade for even more recognition. you have some great people and they’ve started to lose hope from how badly the workshop has been abandoned/neglected. just any response will help, even if automated. you could genuinely make this game skyrocket again if you invested into the user-generated content, and i mean it. if you do respond, i do have a list as to how the workshop can be improved in greater detail. thank you for reading.


After every season, the workshop gets worse and worse. After April Fools, there are duplicated gamemodes (normal and April Fools), but there’s no way to tell which is which. Also, when importing settings, some modes, like Control, set April Fools as default and it’s very annoying :face_exhaling:

I wouldn’t mind having to pay like I did for PvE (:skull:) if the workshop gets fixed.


Adding some sort of collider to the workshop, even if very limited(like only 1-5 per game) would open up possibilities DRASTICALLY. The fact we can’t track projectiles and at most have a raycast that only says if we hit a player/object/nothing is a waste of potential. Imagine being able to create something like a movable bap ult for a rein shield(like in the mirrorwatch teasers) in the workshop, or generally being able to modify projectiles mid-air would be huge
Seconding the map editor/being able to add existing objects to the game, would be really fun to recreate something like the hide & seek mode with some twists


Unfortunately, the workshop became less popular in Overwatch 2. I think that helped them leave it aside. I’m trying to convince everyone I know (even random people on the internet) to use the Overwatch workshop to see if they’ll at least pay attention to us again.


Looks like Blizzard doesn’t care about the workshop community

Workshop has many, many bugs, for example: Barrier regenerates not work in custom game