Please Fix Comp Ban!

I NEVER leave comp games however my WiFi is trash sometimes and it disconnects me from the game occasionally…sometimes I can reconnect and still rejoin the game however there are some times when it kicks me out of the game and I get suspended…Right now I’m on a 19 hour suspension for my connection being trash!

Not to mention it never says a player got disconnected it says “left game” so now you have other players assuming their teammate left…

I’ve played other games like this where the game recognizes the player didn’t leave on their own and I think it’s super unfair that people’s sr takes a massive hit and they can’t play comp because of poor internet…

Definitely making me want to return the game because this isn’t even fair. I like comp but I cant keep playing it if this issue keeps hitting my Points…

You should just stop playing comp until it’s stable. If you’re at the point of a 24 hr ban you are dangerously close to a permanent ban.


If you know your Internet connection is poor and you still queue for Comp then you absolutely deserve the suspension(s) you’re getting.


I agree, it’s super unfair for your team.


You never leave competitive games and you have 24h ban… Thinking…

Yes you leave competitive games, it doesnt matter your bad connection is the reason. If you can get proper connection , better not play competitive. You are destroying games for others.


Leaving/disconnecting are functionally the same. Your team is still left with 5 players and you have no way to let them know it wasn’t deliberate. It sucks, but in a team based game you need to have a full team playing. I would seriously consider improving your wi-fi if its that frequent an issue and alternatively just play something else or different modes. In an online only, competitive setting, you need the set up to handle it.

No malice intended :heart:

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Adding to what everyone already said.

As said: don’t play comp with a bad connection, you are screwing your teammates.

Don’t play any further until you fix your connection as you WILL get banned for a whole SEASON. Be very careful

stop stealing wifi from starbucks around the corner

Never use Wi-Fi. Connect your PC directly to your router with a cheap $10 cable.

It really works. Went from 2 disconns a month to 1 disconn a year.