Please explain SR system


Game 1:
I play as Rein. I do absolutely nothing except holding shield. One time, Zarya ults, i swing my hammer and kill 3 (got on fire). We win.

  • 25 SR +

Game 2:
I play Hammond. I distract them the whole time, outplay some dps 1on1, do lots of headshot dmg, deny areas with mines etc. However, we lose.

  • 29 SR -

How can this be?


the sr system can track what you do in a game, it just adds or subtract points based on some things. i cant say all of them myself cause idk how it works much either, but say you didnt have gold healing as a healer that could add to it. and of course, they also add a loss penalty. so you lose 4 more sr then gain, so you have an insentive not to lose.


“Distraction” is not a metric you can measure based on stats, therefore it is ignored.
Even though it can have extremely high value.

I distract all the time as Tracer, and it is completely unrewarded, even if I often is the reason for victory.


There’s old posts on this as well…but the game also awards you more based on the disparity between team ranks…

Like if you are expected to win you will get less and vice versa


Your SR gain/loss depends on your MMR which determines everything for you. If you’re below diamond your SR gain/loss are tied to P(erformance)B(ased)MMR which sees how well you perform relative to other players who play that hero. If you’re a GM Genji and perform like one then your MMR skyrockets and you gain more SR, but if you only perform like a plat in plat then your SR is going to be pretty stagnant. That’s also why your role doesn’t really matter when you’re playing in terms of SR. In other words when you pick Rein you’re compared to other Reins and when you pick Hammond you’re compared to other Hammonds


so, do wins count to that at all either??


Wins and losses only contribute to that by determining whether you gain or lose SR (or in VERY rare cases you don’t gain or lose anything). You win = you gain, you lose = you lose. Having a win streak shouldn’t optimally effect this, but they’ve decided to put it in so going on streaks also effects your MMR.


so winning= u gain sr, when how u preform as that character=more/less gained sr? same thing vice versa?

or in VERY rare cases you don’t gain or lose anything

had this happen to me on a loss game i was like wat??


Exactly. You performed better with Hammond than with Rein so you got slightly more SR out of it, but because MMR doesn’t fluctuate that much between single games you’d have to play a lot of Hammond on an above average level before you’d start seeing bigger differences

It means that the system thinks that you’re almost exactly where you belong AND performed very well


It means that the system thinks that you’re almost exactly where you belong AND performed very well

probably explains why i got exactly where i left off last season,1823


Placements mean nothing.
You will be put at roughly where you was last season regardless of how you perform.
SR is calculated based on stuff that is trackable, aka stats, not necessarily damage/healing, anything that has stats attached.
Denying area, distraction etc isn’t factored in as nothing can track it.


I encourage you to look at this post in old forums

where Scott Mercer specifically talks about SR gains/losses

You should also take a look at Wyomingmist’s pinned developer comment thread as there are lots of different posts by devs on the topic of SR


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