Please dont nerf ana

I believe that no one has said anything about nerfing her

really? there are people complaining (alot actually) about her nade and isn’t she meta?

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Please nerf ana


I did. A little bit.

Disclaimer: I’m happy with Ana as she is.

If she does get anything, I don’t think she’ll get any major nerfs. I reckon it’d be stuff like “heal darts now heal for five less per shot” or “amount of healing boosted by yellowing teammtes down to X% from 50%” as part of the lowering of heals. Worst case scenario, purple might last a second less on enemies or something.

Team no nerf! <20 ch>

Was it in the forums?

Yes. I’ve wanted multiple times for anti-heal to go down to 75% instead of 100%.

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thats what im scared of

dont do that she wont counter roadhog as much

She’s nearing Rein levels of pick rate from plat to gm for the last month and ran plenty of times in the Overwatch league.

Too much utility packed into a small grandma.


There are many other ways to counter hog as well. Nade makes every other support worthless when they don’t have better offerings. That’s why she’s so meta right now, she literally shuts down her own role!

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She can Sleep. She can Nade. She can Nano.
She can do it all, baby.

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She’s sort of overshadowing every support and has a near perfect pick rate in GM.

She could use a nerf.

They’ve already started, removed her ability to sleep turrets and bombs pepehands

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I don’t believe she get’s a nerf
We have 3 main healers:
Moira, Bap, Ana (Mercy heal is too weak)

Why pick Bap or Moira over Ana in OWL?
Bap 13% PR
Moira 12%PR
Ana 73,7%

No one screams for Lucio nerfs (88.5% PR)

All stats based on OWL

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Ana is just so strong right now because all the other supports got completely gutted down.
She remained untouched so she pump out that healing tho :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Maybe because she is so high skilled? I get that argument but it doesn’t mean that the other supports have to be that far left behind.
But IMO Ana should be, if played perfectly, the best healer. And she should be able to pump out the most healing - because of her insane high sill cap.

What other result people expect when every other support gets nerfed (Bap, Moira, Mercy…) :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :tipping_hand_woman:

They will. Playing healer isn’t supposed to be impactful.

You feel it with Mercy.
You feel it with Brigitte.
You feel it with Moira.
You feel it with Baptiste.

If a support is good for more than 5 minutes, they get gutted. Ana is currently the only support in the game that can heal anything reliably anymore.

Expect nerfs coming, sugar, and brace for damn impact. Ana is gonna be hit hard.

She is safe, for now: