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Hi everyone, Saturn here to talk about the communities most beloved hero, Doomfist!

I’m being sarcastic in saying that of course but I am here to present a case to you and hopefully get your insight on it. Doom is a rather… lackluster hero with him being a bottom 9 picked hero in GM this month. He’s mediocre, but the question is how do you help a hero like doomfist out that is so hated and has a kit filled with one of the necessary evils of OW, CC? It’s definitely a hard idea to tackle but as someone with over 560+ hours on the hero and talking to other doom mains. I have come to a conclusion. His ult needs a buff, Dooms ult was nerfed a while ago which decreased the max outer ring dmg from 250 to 200. Which was a fair nerf. But in compensation they made the inner ring bigger… by .5 meters. It simply wasn’t enough compensation and we see doom ult be in the sad state it’s in and the meme videos of dooms slamming with ult in a 6 man grav and getting 0 kills, etc. Doom ult needs a buff.

So how do we buff doom ult without making it incredibly oppressive again?

Simple. Make him build his ult 10-20% faster. How will this help him?

Let me explain, Doom ult for me and a lot of doom players is used as a disengage tool. As it should be, Doom ult isn’t a hard ult to use and is fairly simple to use mechanically. It should never be free kills like it used to be. It allows you to hard commit on a target with all 3 CDs and get out. If we are not going to buff this sad ult in a way to help killing power that’s fine. Let’s enforce it being a reposition tool. Making it build faster will allow doom players to hard commit more often in a game and that will lead to more picks and allow them to create more plays and apply more pressure throughout the match. It Dosent make doom ult any more oppressive to fight when he’s landing on you, just allows doom players to make more plays with his cooldowns throughout the match.

I would like to get everyone’s opinions on this. Thank you for reading :D.


I kinda agree, his ultimate is basically an over-glorified get out of jail in the cost of your ultimate card in high level play and its not like its much better in low level play either so i think it would be fair to just straight up buff the charge requirement, yeah, by 10-20% as you said.

DF def got slightly better in this newest patch tho but its really not that big of an deal (prolly) and his ulti is really lackluster even so, its also an ultimate so i think it would be fair.

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What if they made Meteor Strike in total do 50 less damage, but for each additional player caught it does +50 damage. So imagine it does less damage for one person, the same damage for 2 people, but when you land on 3+ people it becomes scary. Imagine 6 people caught in it; the middle would 500 damage and the outer ring would scale from 400 damage I believe

It could become a real DPS ult when you catch an entire team rotating in a tight space but it’s much worse in a 1v1 or diving a sniper

Its too easy to land on mulitple players since the outer circle is reasonably big, that would make it way too good imo, also sorta of an pain to scale with fall-off maybe?..

The problem is that when do land on people , its 90% of the time on the outer circle wich results in basically no damage.

Doomfist needs a rework

Luckily it’s already confirmed for ow2.

Correct. And I’m intrigued to see how they tackle the rework. Dosent change the fact his ult could use a bit of help.

Here is how I would do it:

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Can we stop making everything a one shot i get tired of one shots ults/abilities or heck even primary fire and ofc annoying ccs…

Also heck why do one shot ults for example charge faster then lucio’s ult…

His Ultimate is fine. It can get kills with combo and a flawless escape tool. Other characters do not have that and as a character who has to dive in a lot, he really needs it.

imo they should nerf the damage, but increase the impact speed and charging speed. This way he gets it more often (a la Symmetra) to use with his normal kit. But besides that, it’s also fine just the way it is.

So something like:

  • 50-150 damage
  • 50% faster landing speed
  • charges 25% faster

Easier to hit. Easier to get. Slippery Doom super spooky. But his problem isn’t his Ult. It’s his kit. Kinda always has been. So much power packed into one ability, lack of ranged options in a game that DEMANDS ranged options, and his Passive is required for survival but oops his cooldowns don’t work with it enough.

I just want him to land a bit faster

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It should build a tiny bit faster considering how boderline worthless it is as an actual attack and is more of a glorified Tracer recall.

Also my hot take has always been for him to land faster and be able to act quicker after landing OR just give him like 1 full second of complete invincibility after landing so maybe he doesn’t get immediately exploded by 7 different stuns when he comes back down.