Please Buff Brigitte

Brigitte is way too risky to use. She needs more mobility to at least trigger inspire without getting deleted. Any other support can stay alive and provide value much more safely.


Just give 50 more HP to shield and I’m happy

I’ve played so much Brig this past year but I’m nervous to play her in my ranked games atm


The changes I want for her is going to give Flats PTSD!


They need to give her back her stun. The bump does nothing or gets you killed for moving towards the enemy and bumping them back (so your melee can’t hit them…) and they slaughter you from slightly out of range. If the whole point of that ability is to bump them off the map then good luck, it’s worthless.

At least back when she had stun it had a risk reward of timing it right to cancel a pesky reaper ult. Compared to other support abilities (anti-heal, cleanse, invincibility) its just underpowered. But that’s ‘balance’ to this team it seems.


25 more armor (275 total), shield bash hinders target for 1 second, 50 more barrier health (300 total)

And she’d be perfect. Though I think she desperately needs a self inspire buff at least during rally, like seriously come on now

I have a different proposition.

  • Shield Bash hinders target for 1 second
  • Barrier break CD reduced to 2.5 seconds
  • Barrier movement penalty -15%
  • Barrier deploys instantly
  • Piercing effect added to Whipshot

I think that Brigitte needs more QoL changes than outright buffs. Health and shield health I would be very hesitant to buff due to how easily Brig can become OP at GM.


Brig is already very good

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Bring back cc and stuns baby

Her shield was nerfed two patches ago for no reason whatsoever or explanation from the development team. To bring it back up 50 points is not a buff but a correction.

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I agree I lost my flash too, I totally understand why but I haven’t been the same since

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Let them. As far as I’m concerned, it was a mistake to remove Brig’s stun in the first place. I understand the reasoning behind why it had to go, but I don’t agree with it.


oops i just erased my earlier comment

Her unlimited stun will never come back, but they need to lower the cool down on her shield bash. 5 seconds is too long. I would be okay with 4 seconds.

The only hero that “needs” to fight to heal and is not given enough tools to do this right. At least the shield bash change to 4 seconds will give her one extra second to create space to get away if she has to.

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i mean i wouldnt mind it for vs. genji but the problem with her if you buff her she starts to counter everyone lol

Not really. Brig is very good at making Dive harder, but her winrate is falling. Tracer and Genji received their biggest buffs this season. The new dps passive makes it even harder for Brig to effectively do her job.

Which is why I think Brig could use more love in the QoL department rather than buffs to her health pool/shield health. Hindered on bash makes sense, what with Tracer and Genji both being strong this seaaon, coupled with the dps passive making it harder for Brig to do her job.


I can understand your points. But if we’re going soft with those types of buffs, I’d like to propose increasing the animation speed/reducing time delay before she can put barrier back up when using whip shot.

Increasing barrier deploy speed helps with this. I find the tiny window she takes damage using whip shot can be extremely detrimental on a level most supports don’t have to deal with to use their healing, and as whip shot is the most sensible way to keep inspire up, the very small but impactful buff will help her perform her intended role better. Most supports don’t have to literally stand in open fire for a second to proc their heals.

That has more to do with whipshot’s retract speed, so that’s an area that could definitely be buffed and have little to no impact on high elo.

She just needs a Battle-pass skin to make her META


I honestly want her to have more grapple shots. idk it only feels right. Also, maybe more shield bashes? I think her kit is amazing but with all these over powered characters. Shes extremely hard to play in rank. I use to play her all the time but I just cant now

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Give her Whipshot the Genji reset treatment?

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