Please ban smurfs

what do you consider a smurf? is it just having a second account?
i have a second account, mostly because i’m much more comfortable playing dps on my alt, which is 500 sr above my main

A smurf is someone who plays 2+ ranks below their own for the pleasure of exploiting less experienced players, or someone who plays numerous ranks below their own to artificially boost other players ranks to a level they have not achieved on their own with players of their own skill.

Having an alt account is not necessarily the same as having a smurf account. An alt account that is similar in rank to your main account I wouldn’t really consider smurfing unless you’re top 100 on your main.

But I would say a 500 SR deviation is definitely on the boarder line. I purposely pushed my alt account into +/- 200 SR from my main because playing/ practicing at your “near peak” is the only way to improve.


Can I please have a link of where he said that :pray:

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It feels really weird being higher on the alt, been for many seasons now and i really enjoy the games on my alt more. Playing tank and support is fine on my main but playing dps at about 1900 - 2000 is just such an awful experience

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Yeah jeff doesnt play the game

I agree… My smurf friends have let me play DPS on diamond and masters accounts they smurf on. Honestly depending on the map and the team I can still get gold elims and gold damage and even win games. By no means am I carrying those games but I’m not feeding or throwing…

I’d say it’s on account of the other players being able to make up for the mistakes I do make.

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His original comment was here:


Yeah he does. He’s a Platinum tank main, if I recall correctly.

He also plays Genji and Mei…

And he played Mercy when Sinatraa was trying out Echo :wink:

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Phone authentication would probably solve this. Your MMR is tied to your accounts AND your phone numbers that you authenticate with. Wouldn’t be 100% full proof, but it would significantly reduce the problem.


I can get a sim for less than £5.the game cost £15.
That wouldn’t change a thing.
Oh ans blizz let’s you add your number to multiple accounts.

Thank you for the Link <3

This just isn’t true, technically I have 2 accounts, one I play on, and one my son plays on, When I had decided to make my own account, I COULD NOT reuse the phone number, as it said the number was already in use, both accounts are registered to my gmail/Hotmail, but I absolutely could not used the same phone number.

The idea is you CAN have multiple accounts with one phone number, but then if you abuse one they know about the others registered with the same number. Harder to abuse alt/smurf/troll accounts it they can trace it back to a main account.

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in all honesty this would be fantastic, and save me $120 a month paying for a cellphone for my son that he doesn’t use, if I could register both accounts to one number, and it’s real easy to tell the diff between my account and his (hes so much better than I am lol), only problem would be him being considered a smurf or thrower because of my accounts stats, if it was traced back to the “main” account per number.

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From blizz point there is all the reasons to.
Insert mister crabs I love money meme

There is only a few ways that can happen, and ALL of them involve them doing things they shouldn’t.

Yeah, report them.

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I did 15 plat comp matches last night and only 2 of them didn’t have smurfs.

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