Please add "nearest standable position"

“Nearest walkable position” has the big limitation of excluding any highground and platforms that can’t be reached without jumping or abilities, and the alternative of just scanning everything (like roofs) is also pretty bad. We just need a simple way to detect ground that can be stood on. This should be easy to implement, so please consider it.


the workshop just needs more features would be cool if we were able to reuse stuff they had in the game previously like old abilities or being able to make custom shields


also player owned object support. please.


Its is already in Statescript (main scriptable engine that workshop runs at). Functions like Get Pet Owner, Get Player Pets , etc. Return valid entities. Even actions to trigger Pet actions like facing, shooting, moving etc. But where is workshop developers now?.. Lets appeal to microsoft bring a decent scripting interface to overwatch, like they do with Halo Forge (custom maps, missions, etc): even console players are able to create/edit modes/maps. The magic around forge: “Nodes & Graphs” aka Unreal Engine like Blueprints, a 100x better scriptable interface for user friendly.