Please Add more Competitive Modes

Give us more option regardless of 'balance". The meta will be what it will be. Only focus balance competitive on main Comp mode

FFA Comp
3v3 Comp

Oh and LucioBalllll) :see_no_evil:


A competitive deathmatch mode sounds interesting. I would try it out at the very least!




oh god please no I dont want all of the genji mains crying in the forums about moira being op, because they can’t get to top 100 with him


We like “mini” competitive seasons. We’ll do more.


Competitive 3x3 in arcade would be so cool!!


I’d love to have a comp for snowball offensive. It made me sad when we didn’t get one. :neutral_face:


Awesome, TY, any juicy hints as to what mode could come next?

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Can we keep CTF competitive?


Competitive complaining there be a lot of people at Grand Master lol


Good man.

The competitive CTF was fun for a bit, but I wouldn’t support throwing that in the main competitive pool.

Something like a competitive 3v3 deathmatch for a month would be a good deal of fun in my opinion.


Three words: Competitive. Mystery. Heroes.

I know it sounds stupid, and a lot of people don’t like mystery heroes because of the “unfair” hero stacking potential, but I think the chaos of mystery heroes is precisely what makes it a good candidate for a competitive mode.

Traditional competitive mode, while absolutely requiring teamwork, often depends on individual mastery of specific characters. To some extent, one person can carry if they are good enough with a certain character, and the competitive scene is ruled by enslavement to the current metas.

But mystery heroes doesn’t care how many hours you have on your main, and it doesn’t care about how well-practiced your team’s meta is. It prizes adaptability above all else. Players have to make do with what they have, and find a way to make it work. Random character drops, I think, would decrease toxicity since it could never be the player’s fault. And the kind of person who complains about “broken” team comps and RNG in regular mystery heroes isn’t the kind of person who would play a competitive version anyway.

I think it’d be really cool to have a competitive mode dedicated to flexibility, and the player/team’s ability to adapt on the fly to rapidly changing and unpredictable team comps.

It’s also a good way of avoiding the “one-trick problem”, by creating a mode suited to learning and seriously improving with new characters, combined with the competitive drive to take the mode “seriously”, rather than brush it off as merely an arcade mode that doesn’t matter.

In summary, I think a competitive mystery Heroes mode would bring a unique combination of goofy and serious-minded play to overwatch, that would be free of many of the complaints regarding regular competitive play (metas, one-tricks), and would also enable more interesting matches both to play and to watch, since you’d never know what kind of team comps you’d have.

Just an idea, but it’s one I’ve given a lot of thought to for several months, and I would really love to see it become a reality.


I think if they CAN ROTATE monthly Competitive CTF, 3v3, Lucioball, FFA etc, it would stay fresh


I would like for it to retain ulti-charge, it is fairer for the attack team who is unlucky to have a bad combination. And random but no dup is also better. I played this mode a lot too, but sometimes it is so cheesy in Assault and make people feel tilted.

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A 6v6 elim comp would be nice too. I like how it forces each team to use 18 heroes.


Competitive Uprising confirmed!1!!

Competitive mystery hero would be interesting imo
But remove the possibility to stack heroes.
One Sym and one Mei is enough.


Comp everything in arcade would be awesome

Tbh I’d be all for this. You wouldn’t get yelled at for the hero you ended up with, and it would force people to actually try with heroes they don’t really play which could potentially expand hero pools.

I’d really like to see competitive FFA out of all modes though.


I was thinking it’d be awesome if the Overwatch team added a “Structured Play” playlist which would be an unranked playlist that used the Competitive format. To incentivize and makes these games “competitive” despite no rating system the winning team would be rewarded 5CP.

This would allow people in groups to play the competitive format with friends of different skill. It would also help generate more interest in Competitive and the OWL by giving people an entry point into the format.

Thank you to you and the team for such an awesome game!

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With all due respect, I strongly disagree. Hero stacking is part of what makes mystery heroes so great. I’d be willing to accept limits though, like no more than 3 of one character to start, willing to reduce it to 2 if 3 proves to be too much. But removing hero stacking entirely would be doing a massive disservice to the beauty of mystery heroes.