Pleading with the Devs-- I'm done with Mercy

And yet your profile says you are playing Moira in comp.

I’m not keen on Brigitte, it’s just not my playstyle. I have been playing Moira and she is much more viable than Mercy now, but I just find her boring. As you say it is Mercy’s movement that makes her most enjoyable to play. I do like Lucio but most teams want the support to just play Moira now for the heals.

My partner is a Zen main and we used to make a mean support duo but I’m thinking of switching to off-tank now as I love D.Va’s movement and I’m getting better with Zarya. It’s just annoying that OW devs can’t have all supports as viable.

Now you. I like you.

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I guess the world isn’t worth fighting for

And? I really like Moira, I’ve been trying to play her a bit more lately. Doesn’t mean I don’t play and love Mercy.



I said this about a year ago.

"Everyone is just wasting their time. Nothing is going to change."

"Every Mercy thread is just a copy and paste of every other thread with people parroting the same opinions."

"The developers don't care."

"No ones mindset has been changed and no one will ever change their opinions on the matter. No matter what evidence you throw at people they will deny it and preach wrong opinions/statements."

It’s all pointless at the end of the day. We’re not going to get a revert even though this has been a total failure.

Mercy is literally useless in Masters and GM/Top500.

Ana and Moira are better/reliable main healers that heal more than Mercy every time. If the other team has a Mercy they are at a disadvantage.

Mercy is only decent at bronze - diamond since the skill level of the players are lower giving a false sense of “She’s fine.”. Go play with the big boys and say that she’s “fine”.

Bad players made her into what she is now, by complaining. :man_shrugging: Not much you can do, those players are still at their ranks because they rather scapegoat their game play flaws than get better at the game.

Supports will never be the same as it once was from Seasons 1-3 It’s all over now.

Only lurking for the popcorn forum posts here. So far still lurking and not disappointed. :+1:


Mercy mains united :angel:

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May I suggest finding a different game. If Mercy was the hero you enjoyed the most then go play some other games for 6 months and check back on the forums after that. It’s unlikely that Blizzard will have made Mercy fun again before then. If she’s still boring then you can play other game for another 6 months.

Heck, just uninstall Overwatch and find a game where the producer of the game still care about making the game fun.

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I can understand your frustration and trust me many more do. We already put a lot of effort into providing feedback but for now it seems Blizzard doesnt want to act on it in and only ignores the issue. While hoping and waiting for change I just play other games since I dont want to go into Overwatch anymore.

Mercy’s playerbase at large is not happy with her state. This isn’t just on the forums, its twitter, youtube, and yes even the h*ck hole tumblr. I don’t recall mentioning the single/mass rez debate if I did I apologize.
It isn’t about just that part of her kit. Sure not EVERY Mercy player can or will agree with me but I like to think I’m not alone here in my disappointment at her state seeing as there’s still posts on all these media sites I frequent AND youtube videos talking about how she’s been nerfed too much (and why its bad!)
Your opinion is yours though of course. I’ll do better wording in my next post so I don’t sound like I’m speaking for everyone then.

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Blizzard development requires so much damned patience that it would exceed even the Dalai Lama’s limits.


This is really hyperbolic but I can relate to what you’re saying. 14 nerfs later and still isn’t balanced. This rework is a flop.


If you were playing at any level of serious rank you were throwing matches me dude. in QP it didnt matter but playing ana and not running a mercy was not lowkey throwing, it was majorly throwing.

The thing that bugs mercy players is that this whole thing could have been avoided by doing smaller changes before trying something so drastic. Bastion is tricky to balance (but he did get a buff within the last year and a half that had to be tuned back down because he could outperform soldier at all distances and sit through a hanzo ult lmfao)

Reapers prolly not bad by himself, its the mobility creep thats killing him imo.


Maybe you wee so used to overpowered Mercy, and now balanced you think shes bad?

Perhaps more practice?

Mercy has one of he most powerful abilities in the game!!

She’s not balanced though?

Yup, cause Blizz is going to care about this one YouTuber. The only one that I see these “OMG! MERCY IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE, SHE NEEDS TO MASSIVE BUFFS RIGHT NOW!” people link is this Aria Rose chick. Why are all these Mercy extremist always following this one person. All Mercy might need right now is a minor buff to her healing.

There is a difference between people wanting balance, and overpowered.

Unfortunately, most people view “overpowered” as “balanced”

How about this?

This person very much proves that mass Res needs to be brought back.

Exactly. And I’m still right by saying that she’s not balanced right now. This:

Is wrong. She’s underpowered right and now is, therefore, not balanced.

How is that relevant? I merely pointed out that you’re asserting that she’s now balanced is wrong.

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Paragraphing; Has anyone heard of this before they start going on a full-scale rant?

Not sure if you’ve been paying attention, but in Overwatch, and especially in the OWL, those who adapt the least, tend to win the most.

With that in mind, it’s rather hilarious to hear OWL participants complain about patches to heroes because “they’d have to change their play style”. No, you don’t have to adapt. And in the case of Sombra’s originally proposed changes, I don’t see how any pro would have had to adjust anything, anyway, as it only made Sombra more viable, but, unlike her [Removed] rework, added nothing new.

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