[Playstation] Both teams had a mass disconnect

Replay Code: G8TEH7

I just came from a game where 10 people were kicked from the server in a matter of seconds. Then I got some Login Error (BC-101). Ended up with an SR penalty and tempo suspension cause I couldn’t get back into the game and for some reason as the purple “Game Found Joining Game” bar for comp stayed on screen even though it had already suspended me at that point. Only 6 of the 10 who got kicked were able to get back in before the game even ended. Not sure if this is related to the authentication server issue currently on listed on the cover screen or not.

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Hello people! With the disconnecting tonight on the PS4 for Overwatch… any chance the suspension timers can be removed? Ive started 3 games and got disconnected and with an hour ban/lost SR

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And skip this please. Didn’t realize the date on post

6 games in a row I joined comp games to have one or more players leave after a few seconds and then the game crashes.

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Hello there,

We’re aware of connectivity issues affecting Overwatch on Playstation this evening. However, we are not able to manually restore SR or remove penalties unfortunately.

So you are telling me that because your servers are having problems, i’m losing points? and got a ban ? It sounds pretty hard to believe that we get the consequences and you are not able to give us the point we lose because we got disconnected (because of problems the game have, not even our fault)


First off it’s not just PS4 I have a ps5 and have been disconnecting. Second, do we have a timeframe of which this problem will be fixed?

That’s their policy, unfortunately. It’s posted at the top of this forum:

I am getting a disconnect and I am on the PC

bro this is getting silly. Seems like its ps4 struggling especially and there do seem to be mass disconnects all around tonight, within seconds of joining the game too.

I’d love at least some news abt it


I don’t work at Blizzard. If you want to talk about the status of your payment, you’ll need to open a ticket and speak to Customer service.

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